A new ‘Alien’ movie is in development at 20th Century Studios.

Ridley Scott will produce ‘Alien 5’ which is written and directed by Fede Alvarez.

A new ‘Alien 5’ film is in development by 20 th Century Studios with Fede Alvarez serving as writer and director.

Together with Alvarez, Ridley Scott will produce the new ‘Alien 5’ film this time. Scott himself previously directed the first film ‘Alien’ which was released in 1979 and starred Sigourney Weaver, Ian Holm, and John Hurt. The first film was successful in the market and made ‘Alien’ a franchise film that attracted many audiences.

The second epic sequel was directed by James Cameron in 1986, until David Fincher directed ‘Alien 3’ in 1992.

‘Alien: Resurrection’ is the fourth film in the series and was directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet which was released in 1997. Making it to the 4th film, Sigourney Weaver remains the main star in every film.

As for other stars for Ridley Scott’s prequel to the franchise, 2012’s ‘Prometheus’ and 2017’s ‘Alien: Covenant’ starred lead actor Michael Fassbender.

So far there has been no further confirmation about the ‘Alien 5’ film, but it is rumored that this film is not related to the previous films in the franchise.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , Alvarez is a big fan of the ‘Alien’ series and said that he had been coming up with ideas for his latest film this time.

The idea remained in Scott’s head years later until finally the producer called Alvarez last year and asked if he was serious about continuing his old idea. Not wasting the opportunity, Alvarez then agreed to Scott’s offer by saying yes.

Steve Asbell as a representative from 20 th Century Studios said that the film ‘Alien 5’ will have a very good storyline with a cast that has never appeared before.

Meanwhile, Hulu said that this film will be made as good as possible for the small screen, so directors and producers are expected to position this film not as a feature film. That way, it has been confirmed that ‘Alien 5’ will not be released in theaters.

As previously mentioned, Alvarez has had the experience of rebooting big horror franchises like ‘Evil Dead’ which has also managed to introduce new and fan-loved characters in the series.

In addition, Alvarez has also had success with several other classic horror films, including ‘Don’t Breathe’ in 2016, and most recently ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ this year.

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