Romelu Lukaku vs Tammy Abraham: Chelsea blunder and have to regret letting go of a monster?

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Chelsea prefers to buy Romelu Lukaku at an expensive price at the start of the 2021/2022 season. In fact they had Tammy Abraham , who was later released to AS Roma . Now, Abraham became a monster.

Thomas Tuchel has not been impressed with Abraham’s actions since he was appointed Chelsea manager in January 2022. Had been a mainstay in the Frank Lampard era, Abraham was a prisoner in the Tuchel era.

Abraham was not in Tuchel’s plans. The manager asked for a new striker. After spending 115 million euros, the Blues sent Romelu Lukaku home. There is great hope at the top of Lukaku on his second chance at Chelsea.

Meanwhile, Abraham was released to Rome for 40 million euros. So, what is the fate of the two players so far? Check out the reviews below, Bolaneters :

Statistics Comparison
Lukaku and Abraham play in different clubs and leagues. The pressure of playing at Chelsea and AS Roma may also be different. But, what’s the point of looking at the comparison of the performance of the two in the 2021/2022 season.

The indications used are simple, the number of goals and assists. Technically, both are very good. But, as an attacker, these two factors are often the benchmarks.

Lukaku has only scored eight goals and provided two assists for Chelsea in all competitions in the 2021/2022 season. With the transfer price and salary even more, what is inscribed by Lukaku is far below Abraham.

Abraham has scored 17 goals for AS Roma in 30 games played. Abraham also made four assists. Abraham has played more games, apart from staying fit and not causing problems like Lukaku.

Lukaku has a lot of problems
Lukaku has a classy reputation in Italy. With Inter Milan, he was not only a goal but also the focus of the team to win the Scudetto. But, that is the problem for Chelsea.

Half of Lukaku’s heart may still be left in Italy. This case even made Thomas Tuchel have to give punishment to Lukaku. In addition, Lukaku also has problems on the technical side.

“Sometimes he [Lukaku] has to serve. He often loses the ball without any pressure, loses a lot of balls in very promising situations,” reads one of Tuchel’s criticisms of Lukaku.

Tammy Abraham becomes a monster
Not getting a place at Chelsea, Abraham was greeted with a hug by Jose Mourinho at AS Roma. Abraham also immediately became an idol of Roma fans because of his performance on the field.

Mourinho refuses to compare Abraham with other top Serie A strikers such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic. But, from the start Mourinho was very sure that he was creating a monster in Abraham.

Abraham is now enjoying every moment he has with Roma and Mourinho.

“So just a monster! I think one of the things he said was I was too good a player, and that you have to show that aggressiveness as you get older as a striker,” Abraham was quoted as saying by Goal International .

Want Abraham Back, Chelsea?
Seeing Tammy Abraham’s impressive performance at Roma, are Chelsea not interested in bringing him home next season? Opportunities to do so are very open. But also very difficult.

Chelsea slipped a re-buy clause when releasing Abraham to AS Roma. However, the Blues had to pay a high price if they wanted to bring in the academy dropout. The price has doubled, 80 million euros!

So, will you stay with Lukaku next season or choose to activate Abraham’s buy-back clause?