Former Real Madrid , Guti Hernandez , it does not matter if Cristiano Ronaldo has to go to Atletico Madrid . According to him as long as Ronaldo is happy, why not?
Ronaldo’s future at Manchester United is still unclear until now. He is reportedly trying to leave Old Trafford because he wants to appear in the Champions League.

Ronaldo was also late to join Man United’s pre-season. Family problems are the reason for the former Real Madrid and Juventus player.

During the summer transfer market this year, Ronaldo was most widely reported to want to go to Atletico Madrid. The rumors are very hot considering it is a rival club from Los Blancos.

Atletico Madrid fans have also voiced Ronaldo’s rejection. On the other hand, Madrid fans still seem calm and have not shown discordant voices.

“If he decides to come to Atletico Madrid, why not? It’s a great team, he’s a great striker,” Guti told DAZN.

“Atletico Madrid need a good striker and why not? I think it would be a good combination.”

Guti realized that it would be strange to see Ronaldo in the Atlético shirt. Moreover, Ronaldo can be said to be included in the list of Real Madrid legends.

“It will be strange, because Real Madrid loves him very much. But, I think Real Madrid fans will not mind. Everything Ronaldo has to give to Real Madrid he has given,” Guti revealed.

“If he feels happy to be playing for a great team like Atletico Madrid, why not?” he insisted.


By Yas Il