Influencer Jang Si Nae recently appeared on the Channel S program with her husband. He then talked about his bad experience when dealing with a top idol.
In his statement, Jang Si Nae admitted that he was driving to his workplace when he accidentally met his idol on the road. According to Jang Si Nae, the idol was driving at a dangerous speed.

“One day I was driving a scooter to go to work. A man with a foreign car was behind me and drove carelessly,” said Jang Si Nae.

“He then approached me from behind, and I avoided him. But instead he pointed his middle finger at me. I followed him to get a plate number, but he stopped at a red light,” he continued.

Jang Si Nae immediately approached the driver and was surprised when he saw the figure behind the steering wheel. Apparently, he is a famous idol who does not want to be named by Jang Si Nae.

“I was confused why he did that to me. So I knocked on his car window to ask. But instead he covered his face and kept holding up his middle finger,” explained Jang Si Nae.

“It turns out that the one in the car is an idol. He is a famous idol, I think I will die immediately if I mention his name,” he concluded.

Jang Si Nae apparently also uploaded a vlog about the incident. Seen a man from inside the car pointing his middle finger at him.

However, the figure of the idol is not clearly visible in the vlog. Even so, a number of netizens in the comments column mentioned the name Chanyeol EXO based on the type of car he was driving and the shape of his hands.

Regarding these allegations, SM Entertainment also denied the rumors circulating. They confirmed the man mentioned by Jang Si Nae was not Chanyeol.

“The person in the video is not Chanyeol . The car used is different from Chanyeol’s personal car. We will take legal action against the false rumors circulating,” said SM Entertainment.

By Yas Il