Russia and Ukraine are getting more tense, the United States and Britain are said to have created a lie

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The United States (US) and Britain are said to be telling lies by creating a false reality in the tensions between Russia and Ukraine .

The statement was made by the Russian ambassador to Indonesia, Lyudmila Vorobieva.

Relations between Russia and Ukraine have been heating up for some time now and are now getting even higher with statements from Ukrainian rebels who stated that mortar attacks were rained on February 17, 2022 local time on Eastern Ukraine .

In addition, the US is one of the countries that also commented on the tensions in Russia and Ukraine .

In fact, some time ago, US President Joe Biden warned his citizens in Ukraine to leave immediately because tensions with Russia were considered to have the potential to cause war.

However, as reported by from Antara, Lyudmila Vorobieve said that the US and the UK actually created a false reality to the public.

“Washington and London are screaming more and more about our alleged intention to attack Ukraine and they talk about this every day. The western media are doing the same thing,” said Lyudmila Vorobieva.

According to Lyudmila Vorobieva, the screams made by the US and London did not match what was happening on the pitch.

According to Vorobieva, the screams caused people to experience panic and hysterics.

News It creates a pseudo-reality that does not correspond to what actually happened. Peace is very precious and our only goal is to maintain peace,”

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