It is precisely about this genre that we would not think that there are pieces inspired by a true story – but as the saying goes, reality is often weirder than fiction. So much so that we found new titles after our last compilation.

Overlord (2018)
This sci-fi / horror was produced by JJ Abrams ’Bad Robot, but contrary to popular belief, it is not a Cloverfield sequel. As the title suggests, an II. it is a work set in a World War II setting: the Overlordit was codenamed the Allied operation in the Battle of Normandy – so the event on which the work is based is already given. According to the story, a small group of American paratroopers on Day D must demolish an old French church used by the Germans as a radio tower in one of the occupied towns. Behind the battlefield, however, our heroes find a secret laboratory where scientists from the Third Reich experimented on a resuscitation serum that was used to create some mutant, super-powerful humanoid monsters from the dead.

Although in reality the Nazis did not get this far, it is not such a wild idea to claim that the inhumane attempts of insane German doctors (such as Josef Mengele) inspired the horror story. As the film’s star Wyatt Russell said, “There are real elements in it.”

If they could, they would surely have created a supersoldier
in this awful, terrible, demonic way. So unfortunately, this idea is not so wild. ”

Risky Tour (2012)
In Colin Trevorrow’s micro-budget romantic sci-fi that later became famous in Jurassic World del, the staff of a Seattle magazine follows in the footsteps of a strange ad whose sender is looking for companions to travel with him. During the work, the team gets to know the paranoid Kenneth (Mark Duplass), to whom the paper’s intern, Darius (Aubrey Plaza), begins to get attracted,

and he also undertakes to carry out the man’s insane plan and accompanies him on the time travel.

Although it may seem unbelievable at first, an advertisement was actually published in Backwoods Home Magazine in 1997 with the following text:

“I’m looking for someone to come with me for a time travel. It’s not a joke…
You will be paid when we return. Bring your own weapons! Security is not guaranteed. I’ve only done this once before.

John Silveira, a staff member at the magazine involved, later admitted that he had put the call out of the classified ad space as a joke. And he took the text from his own unfinished sci-fi short story. What Silveira did not expect, however, was that most of them were not answered by field runners, but by desperate people who wanted to save their loved ones (presumably in an accident or illness).

“These letters were heartbreaking, I could barely read them, and I am very ashamed to have put false hopes in their writers,” the man said.

Changing Conditions (1980)

English director Ken Russell’s renowned body heroes showcases the most extreme efforts to learn the truth of science with William Hurt, a scientist figure who, to prove his theories of collective consciousness, begins experimenting with various hallucinogenic drugs on his own, undergoing a physically frightening transformation. The Changing States is based on screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky’s own novel, which the author wrote based on the experiments of a certain Dr. John C. Lilly. Lilly did indeed do the procedures in the film, taking consciousness-altering drugs and then waiting for the effect in a stimulus-confined isolation chamber – which she claims came, and in this blackened state.

he was able to cross the boundaries of reality and connect with the creators of the universe as well as the local leaders who exercise creative control over us. Hm.


By Rama