The Appearance Of Secret Number Is Always Eagerly Awaited By Fans So It Is Not Surprising That This Girl Group Is Expected To Hold A Concert Soon And Meet Lockey.

On one occasion the Secret Number members have recently become one of the hottest conversations for their fans. After making a comeback with the song “Fire Saturday“, Secret Number is promoting their new single as well as being the first time for the two new members of the group.

On Thursday (25/11), Secret Number gathered to talk about their enthusiasm for meeting with fans. When asked how they would describe fans, Secret Number revealed, “Lockey is who we live for love, energy, the reason why we go on, the world to us.”

Then they were asked who was the figure who inspired them among the artists. Soodam mentions soloist Suzy , then Dita Karang mentions 2NE1 , while Zuu mentions SHINee ‘s Taemin and Lea mentions Ariana Grande . After that, Minji mentioned that her role mode was IU and Jinny mentioned CL accompanied by lots of praise about the soloist.

In addition, the members specifically mentioned which countries they want to go to although that doesn’t mean they don’t want to go to other countries. When it was Jinny’s turn to be asked the question, he wanted to hold a concert in the United States. “America is my home,” said Jinny.

I want to hold a concert tour in Japan and Indonesia. Because Indonesia is my country of origin, said Dita Karang and Soodam, who also wanted it. Apparently, Lea also mentioned the same thing as Dita Karang and Soodam. I’m Japanese and Dita is Indonesian. So, we can meet our parents when we go on a tour there, said Lea explaining the reason.

Being one of the new members, Minji gave his view to be able to see his debut song on Secret Number be able to rank high on the song chart in South Korea.

Secret Number Highlights Retro Queen Concept in 'Fire Saturday' MV, Two New Member Vocals Become the Spotlight

Secret Number Highlights Retro Queen Concept In ‘Fire Saturday’ MV, Two New Member Vocals Become The Spotlight

The Group Secret Number, Which Experienced The Addition Of Two Members, Officially Released Their Single Album ‘Fire Saturday’ In Which Zuu And Minji’s Vocal Abilities Became The Talk.

After news of a comeback that made fans excited because of the addition of members, Secret Number has officially released their latest single album “Fire Saturday” on Wednesday (27/10). This comeback certainly makes fans curious considering that one of its members, Denise, did not participate this time.

“Fire Saturday” is Secret Number’s first new album single in approximately 11 months since the singles “Got That Boom” and “Who Dis?” released in 2020. During the hiatus, Secret Number has undergone a change in the formation of members namely Lea , Dita Karang , Jinny , Soodam and two new members Zuu and Minji . which marks this girl group into six members.

In the music video, Secret Number seems to carry the theme of a colorful dance party. Secret Number gives a lot of the impression of a “Retro Queen” stage that is inspired by T-ara and the Wonder Girls .

The song “Fire Saturday” is also a concern because the rap part performed by Soodam, Jinny and Dita Karang is considered very fun. Many consider this song to be a cool work.

The two new members who joined this group also received more attention from the public considering this was the first debut of Zuu and Minji in Secret Number. Both Zuu and Minji brought out their powerful and beautiful vocals so that the song “Fire Saturday” became even more powerful. Zuu and Minji immediately received praise from their fans.

“Happy debut Minji and Zuu, your voices are really good, original!” commented netizens. “Beyond expectations, my goodness.. really cool. Zuu averted my eyes,” wrote netizen comments. “This song is a masterpiece that is so catchy and the rap part is fun. Secret Number is good!!! Welcome to the new members too. Your contribution to this group is important,” commented a netizen.

Meanwhile, Secret Number is known to be included in the nominations for the 2021 Asia Artist Awards in the “Female Idol Popularity Awards” category. It was reported that Secret Number had been ranked highly as a newcomer.

Meanwhile, Secret Number has released a performance video of their B-side song “Dangerous in Love”. Although it’s unclear when Secret Number member Denise will make a comeback, many fans are hopeful that the Korean-American idol will be back soon.

By Fuzy