Anime characters come with various personalities. Some characters have high justice so they appear with positive characters and care about those around them. On the other hand, most of the antagonist characters have a bad personality to support the development of the story. Although we distinguish these characters in terms of good or bad, in fact there are also some anime characters who just focus more on their own pleasure without caring whether their actions are right or wrong.

Well, this time, the author will review five anime characters who only care about themselves. Not only selfish, some of them don’t even hesitate to hurt others so that they feel satisfied or saved. Come on, let’s see the review!

Hisoka Morow (Hunter x Hunter) : Hisoka is one of the characters with unpredictable personalities in the Hunter x Hunter anime . Although his character is more inclined to be antagonistic, Hisoka has in fact helped Gon and his friends several times. It could be concluded that Hisoka would only move if the situation created would be in his favour and for his inner satisfaction to be fulfilled.

Hisoka himself is obsessed with finding an opponent commensurate with him and shows his interest in Gon. Instead of directly beating Gon, Hisoka chooses to wait until Gon is strong enough to fight him. Besides Gon, Hisoka is also obsessed with fighting against the leader of the Genei Ryodan, namely Chrollo Lucilfer. He did not hesitate to join the group of thieves as a condition to fight against Chrollo.

Greed (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) : True to its name, all Greed thought about was greed for his own sake. Unlike the other Homunculus who moved because of Father’s plans, Greed abandoned them and chose to live without anyone’s restraints. He wants money and power in his own way.

However, even Greed’s selfishness makes Father take extreme steps to limit him. When Father sends King Bradley to fight him, Greed is quickly defeated. He was resurrected in Ling Yao’s body and still maintained his self-centered attitude.

Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) : Suzumiya is one of the most selfish characters in this anime. Just imagine, this character has extraordinary power. He can change the world depending on his mood. Supported by his eccentric, bossy, and arbitrary nature, Suzumiya also drags his friends to form a strange club which is later named the SOS Brigade.

The SOS Brigade formed by Suzumiya can also be said to be a strange club created solely to satisfy his heart. So, don’t be surprised if you watch this anime, you will see a lot of problems happen just because to fulfill Suzumiya’s will.

By Rama