Seol In Ah’s Character In The SBS Drama ‘Business Proposal’ Suddenly Reminded The Audience Of The Manga Series ‘Detective Conan’. Check Out The Full Reason In The News Below.

Seol In Ah ‘s character in ” Business Proposal ” Jin Young Seo suddenly became the spotlight of netizens. The reason is, he managed to remind viewers of one of the characters in the manga series “Detective Conan”.

For information, Jin Young Seo is described as the daughter of a conglomerate as well as Shin Ha Ri’s ( Kim Sejeong ) best friend. She is not only rich, but also beautiful, talented, straightforward, kind and downright charming. His adorable friendship with Shin Ha Ri is one of the best parts of this drama.

After “Business Proposal” aired, some viewers noticed that Jin Young Seo was very similar to Sonoko, one of the characters in the manga series “Detective Conan”. Both are considered to have many similarities in terms of physical, background and personality.

First, they are both beautiful and have bob haircuts. They are the daughters of a rich family who are kind, not arrogant, friendly and easy to get along with other people.

Jin Young Seo and Sonoko also have friends from ordinary family children, namely Ha Ri and Ran. They both exude a “rich kid” aura but when they’re with their best friend, they often act cute like little kids. Last but not least, these two girls are both attracted to boys and get into funny situations because of this.

A number of netizens who realized this began to express their opinion. They even think of Jin Young Seo as the Korean version of Sonoko.

“Young Seo is the K-Drama version of Sonoko,” said a netizen. “I wish I had a friend who was rich and cool like that,” said another.

Meanwhile, “Business Proposal” will air its new episode on Monday (7/3) tonight. For those of you who are curious about the continuation of the story of Jin Young Seo cs, don’t miss it to watch it.

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