There were no fatalities or injuries, but losses were estimated at US$330,000.

Once again, Netflix’s production property has been stolen again after previously taking the property of the series ‘The Crown.’

Netflix has faced another heist this week on the set of one of its hit series, ‘Lupin.’

Confirmed in a statement on Wednesday, Netflix reported that the property for the series’ third season, which is currently underway in Paris, had been attacked and robbed of an estimated $300,000 worth of items.

Previously, a similar robbery took place on the set of ‘The Crown,’ which left US$200,000 worth of property missing on February 24. Reportedly, the first attack occurred on February 25, while the crew and cast were still on site. However, the robbers of ‘The Crown’ sneakily broke into the location while the crew was away.

While the first robbery was carried out secretly, the second robbery was more aggressive in carrying out the theft. About 20 thieves arrived on the scene and started throwing firework mortars as a diversion. During the attack, the thieves, whose faces were covered, stole nearly $330,000 worth of equipment from the filming set and production trucks in the vicinity.

Thankfully, Netflix confirmed that all crew and cast were safe, and reported no injuries or fatalities. The thief Lupine this time must suffer the same fate as the theme of the story.

Investigations have begun for both incidents. In a statement made by Netflix, the stolen items won’t have much of an impact on production on either series, but they should try to get the items back.

While the thieves on the set of ‘Lupine’ focused on filming equipment, the perpetrators of the ‘The Crown’ theft took nearly 350 properties that were used to decorate the luxurious sets of the British royal family drama. The missing items included a replica of FabergĂ©’s egg, gold and silver candles, bottles and crystal glasses.

In a statement, set decorator Alison Harvey said the items stolen were not necessarily in the best condition so that even if they had value, they would not be as large as the initial range when they were resold. However, the items were considered valuable as part of the British film industry.

As for the third season of the French theft drama, production has resumed, it is hoped that this time the filming process will run smoothly and fans will be able to see the thief ‘Lupine’ again soon.

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