One of the anime series that is considered one of the most emblematic is Sailor Moon , which came to change the genre of magical girls and also left a great mark on a generation of girls and young women, due to its endearing characters, including the most beautiful of the waifus and is Sailor Mars.

Sailor Mars or also known as Rei Hino , captivated from the first moment she appeared in the story of Sailor Moon , as she showed great intelligence and even great power by becoming a warrior, but it seems that this character is the favorite of this cute dog, so he paid tribute to him.

A cute Shiba inu is one of Sailor Moon’s waifus
Through Instagram, the Japanese breed puppy whose user Shibainu223 shared an incredible version of the best of the anime waifus , Sailor Mars and without a doubt he is ready to fight for love and justice from any evil that is foreign to the earth.

As you can see, this cute puppy dressed as the warrior of Mars, with her red and white sailor suit and combined it with a dark purple wig and a tiara that identifies Sailor Mars, while a protection ofuda or a seal spirit almost went off the screen.

And we must remember that Rei Hino is a priestess, so she can even identify or witness evil, but this cute version of Sailor Mars will kill the villains thanks to the power of Mars and the charm of the shiba inu.

The shiba inu as one of Sailor Moon ‘s best waifus will certainly be the best thing you can see today, but we hope to see the pooch in some other Sailor Scout gear soon.

What did you think of this Sailor Mars cosplay with this shiba inu?

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By Jaya