The Indonesian national team defeated Malaysia with a landslide score of 4-1 in the final matchday duel of Group B of the 2020 AFF Cup, National Stadium, Singapore, Sunday (12/19/2021).

Shin Tae-yong’s troops appeared aggressive from the early minutes. The Indonesian national team applied the same tactics as the previous matches with high intensity and defensive lines.

Malaysia took the lead through Kogileswaran Raj’s goal in the 13th minute, which took advantage of Irfan Jaya’s blunder. Even so, Irfan Jaya immediately made amends by scoring two goals (36′, 43′) to reverse the position.

Indonesia increased the tempo of attacks in the second half. Pratama Arhan scored the third goal (50′) and Elkan Baggot wrapped up Indonesia’s victory with a powerful header (82′).

What’s interesting in this match is that the coach of the Indonesian national team, Shin Tae-yong, continues to stand by watching the struggles of his team. Aren’t you sore, coach ?

Yes, the media crew also asked the above at a press conference session which was held virtually.

“For 90 minutes the players worked very hard, so I have to show my hard work to the players. This is one of my habits,” he continued.

Thanks for the Player Struggle
The 4-1 win against Malaysia made the Indonesian national team the winner of Group B. The Garuda squad has the same points and goal difference as Vietnam, but is superior in goal aggressiveness. At the same time, Vietnam beat Cambodia 4-0.

The status as the winner of Group B made the Indonesian national team face off against the runners-up in Group A in the top four of the AFF Cup. The Garuda squad has been waiting for Singapore.

The Indonesian national team will meet Singapore in two legs in the semifinals. The first on December 22, 2021, the second three days later. The two games were held at the National Stadium.

South Korean Media Solidly Supports the Indonesian National Team Against Vietnam in the 2020 AFF Cup Final

The Indonesian national team advanced to the semifinals of the 2020 AFF Cup after beating Malaysia 4-1 in the final Group B match, Sunday (12/19/2021). The Garuda national team was accompanied by Vietnam, who was the runner-up.

The Indonesian national team has qualified for the 2020 AFF Cup semifinals with the status of Group B winners. Shin Tae-yong’s troops are ahead on goal difference from Vietnam.

The passage of the Indonesian and Vietnamese national teams to the 2020 AFF Cup semifinals attracted the attention of many media in South Korea. They reported on the struggles of the two teams under Shin Tae-yong and Park Hang-seo’s care.

Both of them advanced to the semifinals of the 2020 AFF Cup by placing first and second in the group,” wrote South Korean media, Chosun .

In addition, newspapers and other South Korean media such as Yonhap , Seoul Sport , Herald , and OSEN also reported on the positive results of the two teams. Shin Tae-yong and Park Hang-seo were even supported to clash again in the 2020 AFF Cup final.

To realize the final of the Indonesian national team against Vietnam in the 2020 AFF Cup is certainly not easy. Both teams must be able to overcome the challenges of Singapore and Thailand in the semifinal match which was held over two legs.

Crucial Duel
The 2020 AFF Cup semifinals will be played over two legs on 22-26 December 2021. All matches will be held at the National Stadium, Singapore.

The first leg match will be held on December 22-23, while the second leg will take place on December 25-26 2021.

The match will be held on December 22 and 25, 2021. Meanwhile, Vietnam will face the winners of Group A, Thailand in a duel that will be held on December 23 and 26, 2021.

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