Since it was first broadcast on the big screen in 2013, Pacific Rim has shown that it has a fairly wide universe in which the main plot of the story is not limited to the main character. This is proven when the sequel Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018) by swapping most of the main characters that don’t really bother us as viewers. Because the essence of Pacific Rim is about humanity uniting to be able to save the earth from the Kaiju. But unfortunately the audience response to this film is still 50:50, which can be seen from the box office achievements of the two films. Now the franchise is trying new luck in the anime series format. The result of the collaboration of Legendary Television, Netflix and Polygon Pictures.

Pacific Rim: The Black is a spin-off of the first two films. Taking the story setting in the country of Australia, where the country was finally paralyzed because Kaiju and the Pan Pacific Defense Corps (PPDC) with their jaegers were unable to defend the country. Evacuating and leaving the country is the only way to survive. The husband and wife couple Ford and Brina who are also jaeger pilots must return to the city center after saving their son and daughter first Taylor and Hayley. But that was the last time Taylor and Hayley met their parents.

5 years later since their parents never returned, Ppda at the same time at the same 5 years as Taylor and Hayley grew and formed a new colony with other survivals. But it’s also only temporary, when Hayley accidentally finds the hidden Jaeger and activates it, which actually provokes one of the very large kaiju to come and attack their colony settlement. Because of the incident that killed all the inhabitants of the colony, Taylor and Hayley decided to go with the jaeger they found with the name Atlas Destroyer and try to find their parents in the abandoned city of the dead. A journey that will reunite Taylor and Hayley with not only a new colony, but even greater danger.

One of the more points of this Pacific Rim anime series compared to the film is very pronounced in the development of the story or character. By installing a new character apart from the characters of the first two films, it gives a new breath to this franchise. But that doesn’t mean you can enjoy this anime series without watching the movie version. It is highly recommended for the first 2 films, at least the first film. Although most of the characters and story plots are new, there is still a common thread from the previous 2 films to this series.

Then for the visuals that were done by Polygon Pictures, which previously worked on Ajin: Demi Human and Transformers: War for Cybertron, there is no need to doubt it either. The duels between jaeger and kaiju will always be my favorite part when watching this series.

It’s impressive to be able to describe a total of 7 episodes of this anime series. Instead of raising the theme of humans trying to survive from monsters, Pacific Rim: The Black gives humans trying to survive from other humans. Things that are not raised in the first two films. The script written by Paul Giacoppo and Nicole Dubuc does a good job of slowly opening up the main plot of the story and then giving it a surprising effect. Even the 7 episodes of this series have not answered what The Black really is. That does not include the ending which is very hanging and provides clues for the development of the story which will be far from finished for the next season.