Smart Using the Internet, Earn Money to Support Business

The benefits of social media are increasingly diverse. Today many people use social media productively to create various content to earn money.

Digital Branding Strategist Fithrianti said that like a double-edged knife, social media has two impacts, namely positive and negative.

“Positively, social media can be a place to support businesses that are being pioneered as well as a medium for learning new knowledge,” said Fithrianti in a webinar, Friday (29/7/2022).

But on the other hand, social media is also often a medium for spreading false news and negative content. According to Fithrianti, this is due to the high use of social media which is not matched by the high ability in digital literacy in Indonesian society.

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“Many people are easily exposed to and receive fake news as well as spread it, experience online fraud, and become victims of other cyber crimes,” he said.

Therefore, digital literacy assistance is very much needed by every social media and internet user so that people can create positive content and be able to socialize safely and smartly on media, “he said.

Regarding digital security, ICT volunteer WR Ronald Ommy Yulyantho explained about the problem of protecting digital identity and personal data.

According to him, the problem of protecting digital identity and personal data is still a problem in various parts of the world, including Indonesia. He said that not all countries have regulations that regulate the protection of personal data so that the legal aspects of citizens’ rights in the digital world can be guaranteed.

In fact, in the use and management of personal data in the digital world, privacy can be considered as our right to choose whether our personal data will be informed to other parties or not.

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