SNSD’s Taeyeon made another achievement after releasing INVU. Based on data from iChart, INVU became the first song in 2022 to achieve a Perfect All-Kill.
Through its Twitter account, iChart officially announced INVU’s song managed to top the Melon, Genie, Bugs, VIBE, FLO, and iChart charts.

It is known, there are 3 music chart systems in South Korea to measure the success of a song. Namely through Real time All-Kill, Certified All-Kill, and Perfect All-Kill certifications.

Real Time All-Kill is a sign that the song has managed to occupy the top position on the major charts in real time. Meanwhile, Certified All-Kill is given to songs that manage to rank first on the music chart, not only in real time, but also daily after the song is released.

Previously, Taeyeon also dominated international charts through INVU. The album, which was released on February 14, 2022, managed to topped iTunes Top Albums in 21 countries, including Indonesia, Canada, Sweden, Taiwan, Mexico, Hong Kong, Peru, to Singapore.

INVU also topped physical album sales on Hanteo and Synnara Records. Taeyeon also received the Platinum Album title through INVU’s album sales which reached 1 million Yuan from QQ Music.

INVU is an album released by Taeyeon with 13 songs in it with different nuances. Through this album, he specifically takes the theme of love. He wants to show various sides of love from different perspectives.

By Yas Il