The Mytho series, created by Fabrice Gobert and Anne Berest, first aired on the Arte channel, before joining the catalog of streaming giant Netflix. We had the opportunity to watch the first episode of the series. Do they make you want to continue? The answer is immediate.

After the drama series Les RevENTS, director Fabrice Gobert is back with Mytho. A dark comedy whose quality was recognized during the Séries Mania festival. The series won the Audience Award and Best Actress Award for Marina Hands. The first broadcast on Arte, Mytho just debuted on Netflix. The screenplay, created by Anne Berest, tells the story of Elvira a mother of three who does what they like and is in a relationship with Patrick, a man who doesn’t care about her at all and who has an affair. However, her life is about to change when she finds a suspicious lump in her breast. After making an appointment with the doctor, who told her the lump was completely benign, Elvira would make her husband believe the tumor could be cancerous. A lie that would radically change his life. Her husband left his employer. His children will be closer to him. Elvira is no longer transparent in the eyes of those closest to her. But, his imaginary illness, which was fun at first, would eventually isolate him even more.

The characters are in a pretty suburb where everything is perfectly maintained, like Wisteria Lane of Desperate Housewives. But those who know a little about the Marc Cherry series know that this beautiful atmosphere often hides a dark secret. In Mytho, no one is completely honest. Patrick, Elvira’s husband, the seemingly self-confident “never happy man,” is actually just a failed photographer. He has an extra marital relationship with Brigitte, the neighborhood pharmacist. Elvira, meanwhile, lies about her health. “All characters have lies. Patrick too, and what’s interesting is the way the lie takes over from the other ”, underlines actor Mathieu Demy. The soundtrack can seem odd at times (we switched from Charles Aznavour to electro) but it fits perfectly into the mood of the series.

Mytho started out as a family series but gradually made its way to blacklist comedy (a path reminiscent of American Beauty of Sam Mendes a bit). The actors who present the series (Mathieu Demy in Patrick and Marina Hands in Elvira) are excellent and the series paints a subtle picture of the middle class and families with all their problems (routine, teen crisis…). Everything is approached with wit without drowning in clichés. The first episode of Mytho was a success and we will not fail to end the season.

By D14N