Bon Jovi is the name of a legendary rock band whose works are loved by the whole world. They are very popular in maca countries. One of the songs by the band Bon Jovi that many people like is “It’s My Life”. This song always makes listeners or even their fans ring in their ears.

The song “It’s my Life” was released in 2000 by Bon Jovi. Throughout his musical career, the vocalist and his partner in the Bon Jovi band have performed 2700 music concerts. The number of countries visited was quite a lot, namely 50 countries.

One of the most pleasing concerts was the “Bon Jovi Live” concert. Every concert the band plays is always packed with spectators. No wonder, their album became one of the best-selling in the world.

Back in 2015 when Bon Jovi held a concert at GBK, their VIP tickets sold out in 4 days. In Indonesia, there are many BOn Jovi fans, from young people to adults. Bon Jovi’s songs are still popular today. Even still often played on Youtube, Spotify, etc.

Here are some facts about the Bon Jovi band:

1. Bon Jovi collects many prestigious awards

With a brilliant career with slow rock music, Bon Jovi has collected many prestigious awards. But some of them can only be achieved by legendary musicians, such as the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for their career achievements.

2. Strategi Jon Bon Jovi

Each band has their own way of achieving success. For Jon Bon Jovi, the way is to choose members he doesn’t know, both in terms of friendship and family.

With that he was free to use his name as the name of the band, and that relationship also had a positive impact in terms of professionalism.

3. Bon Jovi was the last band to hold a concert at the old wembley stadium

This stadium is a historic stadium. In this stadium, once held live aid. Live Aid is a colossal rock music show that was held on July 13, 1985. Bob Geldof and Midge Ure organized this event to raise funds for the fight against hunger in Ethiopia.

The concerts were held simultaneously at Wembley Stadium in London and JFK Stadium in Philadelphia. The stadium was demolished because the British Empire Exhibition had ended and the British government wanted to build a new version of Wembley Stadium. The Bon Jovi band was the last band to perform at this historic stadium in June 1995.

4. Bon Jovi band is still active

The Bon Jovi band still holds concerts from the past until now. The band even made new songs such as Unbroken, Do What You Can, Story of Love and others.

Those are some facts about the band BOn Jovi.

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