The case of Kim Garam’s bullying is now being discussed again after figure A, who claims to be a victim, released a follow-up statement. HYBE and Source Music have decided to postpone LE SSERAFIM’s activities for today, May 20, 2022.
Now, Source Music has finally released a new statement regarding the allegations of bullying against Kim Garam. In a lengthy statement, the management provided points that were deemed untrue regarding the rumors circulating about Kim Garam.

The first rumor was about Kim Garam being forced to change schools. Based on Source Music’s statement, the move was due to following his father’s work. After that, Kim Garam returned to Seoul without any coercion.

“Other rumors saying ‘I hit my friend’s head with a pot’ and ‘I hit a classmate’s head with a brick’ are not true. All these rumors are false, and Kim Garam was the one who was harmed by these rumors in middle school,” said Source Music .

“We also received a letter of apology directly from a classmate who claimed to have spread false rumors,” he continued.

Other rumors are about Kim Garam being said to go to school in a police car after a fight, to Kim Garam drinking alcohol and smoking underage, confirmed by Source Music, just gossip. The news that said Kim Garam gossiped about other K-Pop idols was also said to be untrue, as well as about moving from another management because he had a bad character.

At the end of the statement, Source Music still emphasized that Kim Garam was actually a victim of violence at school. But seeing the situation, Kim Garam decided to take a temporary hiatus to heal his injured mental state.

“We decided to discuss with Kim Garam and stop his activities for the time being. He will focus on healing his injured mind. Until Kim Garam returns from recovery, LE SSERAFIM will be promoting as a five-member group,” said Source Music.

“Everything happened with a fairly complicated setting when he was in the first grade of middle school. But Kim Garam reminisced about those times and reflected on his immature behavior. We hope for public understanding,” he added.

At the end of the statement, Source Music apologizes for the inconvenience caused by this matter. They also apologized to the fans who had supported LE SSERAFIM and were worried about it.

By Yas Il