Expected for July 21, Space Jam New Era honors LeBRon James in a whimsical basketball game. Does he live like his predecessors with the great Michael Jordan as his inspiration? Find the answer in this review.

July 21 will be released on our big screens, the sequel to the expected and the unexpected Space Jam: New E re . No, you’re not dreaming, Tunes is indeed back in operation and this time it will help one of the greatest players of our time: LeBron James. The latter will do everything in his power to restore his son even if he finds himself trapped in an overly powerful computer.

The only way to get there: win a basketball game against Machiavellian artificial intelligence and desperate to destroy LeBron James. To do this, basketball players will benefit from the help of a virtuoso in the discipline since 1996, aka Looney Tunes. This was a golden opportunity for them to show what they were capable of and what they learned with Michael Jordan who was great at the time.

Nearly 25 years after the episode that launched this saga, Warner Bros. took the leap to put together a second installment for us and at the same time offer us the perfect film to watch this summer. Check out our rundown of Space Jam: New E back in this critique.

If one makes a comparison between the two films, Space Jam: New E Re has the advantage of digging into the narrative. He places in his heart the conflictual relationship between a father and his son. While fairly classic, the storytelling adds an emotional dimension that was lacking in the first film, focuses more on humor and lacks depth.

When it comes to humor, Nouvelle returns in the same broadcast lineage as the first film and is full of comic situations in all its forms. However, it’s a slightly childish humor and sometimes more successful. If it wasn’t funny enough for New E to rework just the first part, this film takes on a more interesting dimension. In the end, it’s a bad thing for good because it allows to re-establish a balance of humor between different generations of audiences.

New E re often refers to the first spherical film through several well-placed references. Thus we will find certain transitions (especially those in the opening scene) that look a bit old-fashioned. If they may seem old-fashioned, we suspect that this was a deliberate choice on Warner’s part to place audiences in a comfortable and nostalgic environment compared to previous installments.

As for Tunes, they brought the cartoon aspect that characterizes this film. Even more so than the first film, Warner strikes a fine balance between live action and animation. To this is added a whole battery of brilliantly produced special effects that bring even more dynamism.

The Tunes are revealed in two different types of animation throughout the film. If we are used to 2D images that only animate, the switch to 3D is a first for them on the big screen. Despite all the prejudices, 3D modeling is completely unobtrusive and even justified by Warner thanks to certain parts of the story. The distinct sense of detail and texture really brings Tunes to life, which doesn’t seem real or overly subtle.

By its very nature, Space Jam: New Ere is a film that speaks to all generations and is meant to be family-friendly. With this second part we are moving into the digital age and it is being felt. The theme of video games and their engagement with youth is a highly discussed topic. Therefore, the New Era is anchored here in terms that make special sense for its era which makes it more modern. It makes it easier for today’s young people to identify with the film and its characters.

The values ​​of good and evil are less polarized and there is more moral meaning to the story. Finally, all characters have flaws to fix and each must learn to open up his or her point of view to the other. However, the “villain” of the story played by Don Cheadle is not always convincing because he has a caricature behavior. It’s a shame, even though it sticks to the more childish genre of the first film.

From a narrative point of view, the choice to put LeBron James at the heart of the film is relevant and above all a very good decision. With the great Michael Jordan as a reference, LeBron James was able to play the part of his friend and bring his own style to the sequel with a game of enduring acting.

The New E is again inspired by the true family life mentality and basketball to give us a glimpse of the man behind the athlete’s top. Of course, Warner didn’t forget to rememberTell us about everything he has accomplished in his professional career, with the focus he deserves on his wins, the club he has played for and his influence with our young company. Undoubtedly, it was thanks to this sincerity that LeBron James was able to convey the emotions he wanted.

Warner was able to change the hero role that LeBron James had in real life on the big screen for some by making him the true hero of a film that pays homage to him.

Finally, many nods to other cinematic licenses occur throughout the film, in a thoughtful but real way to most of the cinemas among us. The incredibly stunning scenes (details we won’t mention) allow us to take us through the different universes for which Warner Bros. is famous. today. To name a few, we’ve come across the worlds of Harry Potter, DC Comics heroes, King Kong or even the Gremlins.

By D14N