Barcelona officially announced that it had reached a cooperation agreement with Spotify as the main sponsor, Wednesday (16/3/2022). The deal resulted in a change in the name of the Camp Nou Stadium.

As quoted from Marca , Barcelona Stadium will change its name to Spotify Camp Nou. The deal must be confirmed by April 3 at a meeting, which will be held online. The club has yet to announce the figures for the deal.

This will be the first time the Barcelona stadium has been linked with a commercial brand. In fact, the Camp Nou has not changed since 1957.

However, the sacred name had to be tampered with. Financial necessity and business opportunities led the club to take this step, as other clubs in Europe have done before.

Spotify will appear on the front of the Barcelona men’s and women’s first team jerseys from the 2022/2023 season. The deal is for three seasons.

The name of the Swedish music platform company will also be emblazoned on the stadium. Yes, Camp Nou has officially changed to Spotif Camp Nou.

The pride of Barcelona – Contacts between the music platform company and Barcelona began a few months ago. In fact, in the match against Atletico Madrid, a group from Spotify was invited to watch live at the stadium.

Spotify is a streaming music platform that has revolutionized the music market. The Swedish company, according to the latest figures released at the end of 2021, has reached 406 million users and 180 million subscribers.

“We are very proud to announce such a pioneering alliance with a worldwide reference entity like Spotify,” said Barcelona President Joan Laporta.

By Arkha