And, after being introduced in the film Captain America: Civil War (2016), Spider-Man officially “returned” to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For this first solo film, the production process is entirely in the hands of Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios. Meanwhile, Sony Pictures only controls the distribution.

At the Comic-Con event, which was held in San Diego in July last year, Marvel Studios Boss Kevin Feige admitted that he was very proud to be able to bring Spider-Man home. To work on this Spider-Man reboot, he brought in a young director Jon Watts. Who, previously, had experience producing the Clown (2014) and Cop Car (2015).

According to Jon Watts, his Spider-Man: Homecoming film will be in stark contrast to other Marvel films. Because he will highlight Peter Parker’s perverted life. The only 15 years old. In essence, in this film, Spider-Man is still at a basic level. A.k.a. beginner superhero. Peter Parker is not a playboy and rich man like Tony Stark. And he will not fight hundreds of aliens at once.

The film’s premiere trailer, released in December 2016, provides further insight into what Peter Parker really is like. In the video footage, it appears that he has to balance between his monotonous school life and his role as a superhero.

In Captain America: Civil War, Tony Stark is said to recruit Peter Parker to join Team Iron Man. He then equips the geeky superhero with a utility belt and a Spider-Man costume. Technologically advanced. The one capable of shooting those spider webs.

Peter Parker also wants to help save the world like Iron Man. However, Tony Stark thinks it’s still not ready. He prefers the Avengers alone to face the big villains. However, it actually makes Spider-Man want to prove that he is also able to overcome dangerous enemies.

In this Homecoming film, the main opponent of Spider-Man is Vulture. His real name is Adrian Toomes. Played by veteran actor Michael Keaton. Which, in the comic version, is a member of the Sinister Six. Namely, a group of criminals who escaped from prison. Who is trying to eliminate Spider-Man.

Although it is quite old, Vulture, it is said, is still very fit and deadly. As a mechanical engineer, he was able to assemble his own winged costume. That’s scary. With its advanced harness, the Vulture becomes even more powerful. In addition, he can also fly. Like a giant iron bird.

To face the Vulture, of course, Spider-Man must do everything he can. After being hickeyed by a spider, Peter Parker did turn into a superhuman. With strength and reflexes above the average human. In addition, he also has spider-sense.

In the trailer, it appears that Spidey in this latest version of the film is stronger than Spider-Man in the previous films. Not only was he able to jump off the Washington Monument and hold back a school bus that was thrown at him, but he was also able to piece together a broken cargo ship. With the cobwebs!

In addition to facing cruel opponents, Peter Parker in the film Spider-Man: Homecoming also has to overcome problems that are often faced by teenagers.

By Fatrick