For those of you who may not have watched What If Episode 7 , be careful because this discussion contains SPOILERS!

MCU series What If episode 7, aired on September 22, 2021 with the title What If… Thor Were an Only Child .

Well, this episode modifies the story of the film Thor (2011). In this modification, it is said that after his battle with the Frost Giants , Odin found Loki who was still a baby. If in his MCU Thor film , Odin immediately took him home and adopted him as a child.

However, in What If Episode 7 it is said that Loki was returned to his father Laufey. Now because of this, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) has no ambition to become the god / leader of Asgard as we see in the film.

Party Thor

Instead, he became a god who likes parties . Anyway, you’ve lost the clubbing kid he..he. Well one day when Odin was sleeping long, he also decided to go to Midgard (earth) to find a new party scene . Specifically, Thor cs partying in Las Vegas.

Now at the party, he invites all his colleagues and also some Marvel aliens such as, Drax the Destroyer (Fred Tatasciore), Korg (Taika Watiti), Nebula (Karen Gillan), The Grandmaster as DJ, and even Howard the Duck (Seth Green). ).

And when it comes to partying, Thor cs is downright wild. Anyway until random all the iconic buildings in the world. Just look at the epsidoe so it’s more afdhal.

Thor vs Captain Marvel

Well, because of this SHIELD agent, Maria Hill (Cobbie Smulders) also intervened. He’s not alone either. Maria summons Captain Marvel (Alexandra Daniels). As a result, there was a strong fight that we have long dreamed of in the MCU between Captain Marvel and Thor.

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And we can say that the power struggle between the two is really exciting. The two of them look very even. But even though it was a draw, it was proven that even Carol Danvers still lost. Both physically and mentally. Because he himself is difficult to stop Thor’s parties .

In the end, everything is under control when Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), summons the mother of the god of thunder, Frigga (Josette Eales). And when we think everything will have a happy ending , the one with the ending causes more problems. Because Ultron with his six Infinity Stones came.

But unfortunately it is not yet clear why this Ultron suddenly came. Maybe, we will see the explanation in the What If episode next week.

Very Fun Episodes

Overall, What If Episode 7 is a very enjoyable episode, the main thing is that you will smile and laugh at yourself when you watch it. Plus what’s cool is that Natalie Portman, who played her Jane Foster, is actually returning to the MCU, too.

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As we know, Portman after Thor: The Dark World (2013), decided to leave. The reason, he felt lied to by Marvel Studios. Specifically, Portman was disappointed because the director of Thor: Ragnarok (2018), was not Patty Jenkins ( Wonder Woman ) who was promised by Marvel at that time.

In fact, at that time, the reason Portman wanted to return to play Jane in Ragnarok , was because he felt excited to work with Jenkins. But launching an interview with the Independent last September 2019, Portman gave a different reason.

So according to him, the reason he didn’t come back as Jane was because of the logic of the plot. Specifically, Thor: Ragnarok, is set on the Planet Sakaar or not on Earth. While in this film, Jane’s position is still on earth.

Yes, whatever the reason is, what’s important now is that Portman is back, right? So now, what do you think about What If Episode 7 ?