What happens when top artists are brought together in the same drama? This is the most awaited for Korean drama lovers . Our Blues is a drama directed by famous director Kim Kyu Tae, who also directed many popular dramas, such as IRIS , Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo , and many more.

The drama Our Blues itself will star top actresses and actors from South Korea, including Lee Byung Hun, Shin Min Ah, Han Ji Min, Kim Woo Bin, Cha Seung Won, Lee Jung Eun, and Uhm Jung Hwa. This drama is predicted to be hits because it has a fresh story and the plot attracts attention.

Curious what movies have been played by the cast of the drama Our Blues ? Come on, read the review to the end!

1. The movie ‘I Saw The Devil’ (2010), played by Lee Byun Hun, is a thriller movie that tells the story of revenge. Lee Byung Hun himself will play Lee Dong Suk in his latest drama, Our Blues

2. ‘Diva’ (2020) is a movie played by Shin Min Ah after a hiatus, tells the story of the mystery that surrounds a beautiful jump athlete, Shin Min Ah will later play as Min Sun Ah in the drama Our Blues

3. Han Ji Min, who played Lee Young Ok in the drama Our Blues, turned out to have played a hotel manager who was not very confident in his personal life in the movie ‘A Year End Medley’ which aired late last year.

4. After a long hiatus, finally in the drama ‘Our Blues’ Kim Woo bin returned to take on the role of Park Jung Joon. This time he appeared opposite to the character in the movie ‘The Con Artist’ (2014) that he had played

5. Cha Seung Won will also compete acting in the drama ‘Our Blues’ by playing Choi Han Soo, his slick acting skills like in the movie ‘Sinkhole’ (2021) cannot be doubted

6. Appear mysteriously in the movie ‘The Day I Died: Unclosed Case’ in 2020, this time Lee Jung Eun will give a different feel to the upcoming drama ‘Our Blues’, she will play Jung Eun Hee

7. The character Go Mi Ran will be played by Uhm Jung Hwa who previously also starred in the movie ‘Okay madam’ (2020) which tells about a plane hijacking by a group of people from North Korea

8. In 2016, Lee Byun Hun and Kim Woo Bin also co-starred in the movie ‘Master’, which tells the story of a crime investigation team that handles fraud cases.

9. Not to be outdone, Han Ji Min and Lee Jung Eun have also met in the movie ‘Miss Baek’ (2018) which tells the story of an ex-convict who tries to protect a child victim of torture, this prisoner himself is played by Han Ji Min.

That is, 9 movies played by the cast of Our Blues drama . All movies starring are popular movies . How about when all these talented actors and actresses are brought together in a drama project ? Look forward to the drama Our Blues which will be released soon, OK!
















By Jaya