Stranger Things , Netflix’s most popular series, is coming to an end with the last 2 episodes of season 4 airing in early July. The battle for the upcoming Hawkins heroic children is not only tough, but also decisive. destiny of the human world. Vecna ​​is plotting a great conspiracy that even our heroes have not been able to guess. Hooper is on his way home, but whether he will be able to help the children in time is unknown. Eleven still hasn’t fully recovered, so the kids have to come up with another plan and temporarily split up into several groups. And Eleven has to return to the laboratory with Dr. Martin Brenner in the hope of regaining some of his abilities.

It is worth looking forward to the final confrontation between two evil sides that have struggled on the small screen for 4 seasons. However, this excitement comes with a sad prospect. No victory can be realized without sacrifice. Our heroes may not have survived together. Some of the Hawkins kids, the adults, even the main characters, might end up on the Upside Down battlefield forever.

Here are the faces that will likely sacrifice for the ultimate victory of our kids.

It would be heartbreaking if Hawkins’ favorite babysitter were to die, but out of all the kids, Steve Harrington (Joe Keery)’s death was the most likely. In the final episode of Stranger Things season 4 season 1, Steve succumbed to severe flesh wounds inflicted at the hands of bat-like creatures in the Upside Down. Robin (Maya Hawke) is also terrified of the rabies they might leave Steve. Finally, after riding his bike to Eddie’s mobile home, Steve admits he inhaled quite a bit of the Upside Down’s toxic air. These are not small obstacles that Steve can easily overcome like previous installments.

Steve’s death will significantly affect the operation of the group. Not only is he close with Nancy (Natalia Dyer) and the older Stranger Things kids , his loss is also a heartbreaking affair for Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) as the two share a bond. I’m more attached than the rest. After what Steve has been through, all the hardships he has helped the youth group through, Steve’s bravery and outspokenness will make his death one of the saddest Stranger Things dark spots to date. .

Nancy Wheeler – Emotional damage: 90%

Nancy is almost as likely to die as Steve at the end of Stranger Things season 4 season 2. Although not as badly injured as Steve, Nancy was brought back to the Upside Down by Vecna ​​at the end of season 4 season 1. Nancy is by far a key member of the team thanks to her investigative skills and good problem-solving skills. As someone investigating Vecna’s “human life” when he was Henry Creel, Nancy’s information is crucial to the heroes’ victory. Therefore, her untimely death – in the writer’s opinion, her will also lead to serious consequences in Stranger Things season 4 season 2. So maybe as a way to make the ending more intense, the writers drama could kill Nancy.

Nancy’s death may not be immediate. In season 4 season 2, Nancy survived Vecna’s initial capture. Stranger Things reveals that music helps Vecna’s victims escape, as evidenced by Max (Sadie Sink) being able to escape Vecna’s clutches when her friends turn on Running Up That Hill (A Deal). With God) as a way to evoke positive memories for her.

However, music and happy memories cannot completely remove the curse from a person. It is for this reason that after his encounter with Vecna, Max always wears a Walkman with him in case Vecna ​​targets her again. Once Vecna ​​has left his fingerprints on his victims, they seem to be stalked by him forever. Nancy could fall into Max’s case, sent to the Upside Down to her death.

Enzo/Dmitri Antonov – Emotional damage: 20%

Dmitri “Enzo” Antonov (Tom Wlaschiha) and Hopper escape from the Russian Demogorgon, but Enzo’s fate in Stranger Things season 4, part 1 is not optimistic. Hopper, Joyce and Murray face the already difficult task of returning to the United States after infiltrating Kamchatka. Meanwhile, Enzo as a citizen of the Soviet Union could not leave with them. Worse, helping Hooper escape from prison also meant that Enzo would face an almost certain death.

Enzo must face his death whether he escapes or not. By pitting him against Demogorgon, Kamchatka signed a death warrant for him. While he escapes the Demogorgon, there will now be a murderous alternative. Even if he escapes from Kamchatka, he will only be hunted down. Enzo was introduced this season as a character who has become increasingly relatable in the eyes of Stranger Things fans as he helps Hopper in need. Because Stranger Things often enjoys sacrifices that can win the hearts of the viewers, the series is as much a film as it can be to write a script, it will want details that make the plot less confusing to the point of being impossible to find. way out, Enzo’s death would therefore be quite in keeping with the will of the screenwriters.

Eddie Munson – Emotional damage: 100%

The leader of the Hellfire club, Stranger Things ‘ Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) , was also marked as potentially fatal. Eddie is seen in the Season 4 Stranger Things trailer while playing guitar in the Upside Down. The power of music has been teased as something that can resist Vecna’s control. This also ironically makes Eddie a sacrifice for Vecna ​​when he saves his friends with his guitar talent.

While this shot doesn’t necessarily mean Eddie’s death, Stranger Things tends to kill beloved characters. Eddie has proven he is such a character. In the game Dungeons & Dragons season 4 season 1, Eddie commented that “there’s no shame in running.”He then spends most of his time in hiding to avoid being unjustly arrested for the death of Chrissy Cunningham (Grace Van Dien) and sometimes expresses shame to the group about his tendency to flee conflict. All of this proves that Eddie is really good-natured, brave and has a certain depth. We’ve seen Eddie grow more and more and that is making viewers feel that he will have a heroic moment. It could be the harbinger of Eddie’s departure, in a heroic soundtrack that repels Vecna ​​and saves friends.

Jim Hopper – Emotional damage: 100%

The most impactful death will be that of Jim Hopper, who has always been a solid pillar for Eleven. Hopefully Stranger Things will make a sense of not continuing to kill Hopper in its ending after they gave him a fake death in season 3’s epilogue. However, Hopper did say in season 4 season 1 he would save Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) even if it’s “the last thing [he] will do”. With the love of killing favorite characters, Jim Hopper is likely to approach his own death in the last 2 episodes of season 4 in the series.

The past Stranger Things seasons have made Jim think he’s been cursed by fate. He feels that he is only putting those he loves in danger and therefore, for their sake, should remove himself from the lives of his loved ones. Hopefully Stranger Things finds a way to redeem Hopper’s hope and keep him alive.

Jason Carver – Emotional damage: Damn!!!

As the least-loved character in season 4 of Stranger Things , no one will complain when this character is removed from the game, permanently. After the deaths of his girlfriend and best friend, Jason is filled with anger, horror, and grief – a dangerous combination that paves the way for those who are about to do something stupid. And he did something really stupid.

Convinced that Eddie was performing satanic rituals and had sacrificed his girlfriend to the Devil, he turned the people of Hawkins into a blindly angry mob in search of “monsters”. Perhaps the only way for Jason’s witch hunt to end is for him to be killed by Vecna, or one of the many terrifying monsters that inhabit the Upside Down, when the truth is discovered. Jason’s surprised expression in this moment will be something to satisfy viewers, especially those who hate this guy. Jason’s bluntness really hurt our heroes.

Max Mayfield – Emotional damage: 100%

Max started Stranger Things season 4 season 1 with endless mourning for his brother Billy who died in the previous season. Driven by a sense of guilt over her death, she became the target of Vecna, who was using mentally tortured teenagers to open portals between dimensions. Although Max is saved by Robin’s genius idea of ​​​​music and her friends’ knowledge of her favorite song, Max is still in danger of overlap because Vecna ​​can “capture” Max at any moment.

As long as Vecna ​​is alive, Max will be in danger because of the “Curse” he left in the victims. Once Eleven learns of this, she will likely do whatever it takes to save Max and try to destroy Vecna ​​- also known as Henry Creel and 001. However, that doesn’t mean Eleven will succeed. And Max will probably die for his friends.

Will Buyer – Emotional damage: 90%

It would be ironic, shocking, and infinitely sad if Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) dies in the final season of season 4, especially since Will has survived what has happened in the past seasons. But nothing is impossible in the explosive final 2 episodes of Stranger Things 4 .

But why Will? Well, even though Will has been at the heart of things in Stranger Things since the first season, the character is slowly being left behind in season 4 season 1. So it’s time for Will to sacrifice himself. rather than serving the plot. With that said, Will’s death could play an emotional role for Eleven, who plays the character’s sister role. Eleven’s power increases dramatically when she uses emotions such as pain and anger. Will dying at the hands of Vecna ​​could have made that happen.

Dr. Martin Brenner – Emotional damage: 50%

We always love a redemption story. Sometimes, atonement will come with the death of the one in need of atonement. In this case, Dr. Martin Brenner is at risk of going down this path. But if he somehow sacrifices himself for Eleven, redemption will come, somewhat.

Eleven’s relationship with her “Papa” can be considered positive to some extent. He seems to care about all of his spiritual children. It’s possible that when his and Eleven’s base is attacked like in the trailer, Dr. Brenner might sacrifice himself to save his only surviving child.

In today’s movies, even if you’re the main character, your fate is precarious. This is not the first time the main character in the film has to sacrifice when in the last moment. For an enemy as strong as Vecna, Eleven had to pay a heavy price to win. But this isn’t just about winning, it’s about keeping the ones she loves, her friends, her parents, her lover safe from the Upside Down forever. Although quite sad, but Eleven’s death at the end of the film will be an ending point that will be most engraved on viewers.

Ha! Just kidding, don’t be sad! Because  Stranger Things has been greenlit by Netflix for season 5. It would be weird if the main character of the series didn’t appear in season 5. So she will live a rough life, but it is not excluded that Eleven will be stuck in the Upside Down and the season. 5 will see the rest of them find a way to bring her back without letting the Upside Down spill over into this world. The one who is likely to die in place of Eleven on the list will be Vecna. Because villains are easy to find. Just imagine it, screenwriter!

The last 2 episodes of  Stranger Things 4  will air on July 1, 2022, everyone!