Do we take almost the same and start over? James Gunn, father of the Guardians of the Galaxy in competition, restored many broken arms with the aim of making people forget their last journey. Suicide mission?

In 2016, Warner was still dreaming of its universe expanding to Marvel (yes yes, remember the post-credits scene with Ben “Bruce Wayne” Affleck) and revealing to us the genre’s good and bad teams: the infamous Suicide Squad. With nearly $750 million raised at the box office and Oscars in the pocket (which we still haven’t recovered from), the studio clearly wants to exploit the vein and start a sequel. You see, despite the commercial success, David Ayer’s film – which is still calling for its release, like Zack Snyder – was crushed by critics and most of the public. In short, the chances that a second work will repeat the same success are very low.

This is where the stars align. Disney parted ways with James Gunn after a controversial old tweet (before stepping down and rehiring him for Guardians Vol. 3). The opportunity was too good for Warner who didn’t take long to apply for the two-component Guardians of the Galaxy to lead another crazy team. Opportunity to reset the counter and get rid of the balls from the previous film. We ditched the idea of ​​a direct sequel and said hello to The Suicide Squad. Understood, this is the original!

Therefore, “The” Suicide Squad is responsible for infiltrating the island of Corto Maltese where the ruling family, friends of the United States, has just been overthrown by a coup. The goal is to get hold of a mysterious secret project before the new leader uses it for his own ends.

From the start, The Suicide Squad had to answer a real conundrum: how to take part in the casting of the first opus (Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, Joel Kinnaman and Jai Courtney continue their roles) while not presenting itself officially or as a continuation, or as a reboot? By taking the license literally!

Since the members of the Suicide Squadron are all expendable and the government – or rather Amanda Waller – never hesitates to summon them, it is very likely that the team will change as needed and some “Survivors” have teamed up. As long as his boss and team leader Rick Flag (Kinnaman) is there for consistency.

A smart solution that lets you reuse 2016 recording quality while avoiding the latter’s problems, and without having to deny it altogether. In short, the studio’s message is as follows: Suicide Squad exists, we know it, we assume it is, but The Suicide Squad falls into another category.

It must be admitted that the company worked flawlessly! From his introduction, this Suicide Squad shows off his style. It was from James Gunn who was authorized to release, far from Disney’s general public. Imagine Guardians of the Galaxy inhabited on the Super side (a previous film by the director) the way you shoot first, then think. Now imagine Star-Lord and Drax launching a manhood contest by slaughtering extras, Gamora being Harley Quinn with coke, and Groot looking like a hungry shark. There it is, a group ravaged by noggin, so cruel and so funny.

As for Warner, the studio seems to want to make amends by saving us from muzzled directors, screenplay specs and cravings for an expanded universe, except with itself (a series about John “Peacemaker” Cena is in the works). The Suicide Squad is a film of reason, an emancipation film and above all entertainment with an uppercase D. It’s a fun and generous, sometimes surprising, show that knows how to have fun with its concept and where the bad guys don’t. Truly bad people don’t need to be reminded every two sentences that they’re bad when it comes to giant boogers. And if, in order to enjoy all of this, we have to fill ourselves with some emotional baggage that is disproportionate to others, we will gently close our eyes.

We will not forget the casting. As one might fear, Idris Elba plays like Deadshot. Except that, on the one hand, the scenario completely assumes it by playing in a very funny way on the interchangeable skills of the members; and on the other hand, the actor doesn’t erase his character behind his ego (follow our view), which allowed Bloodsport to win its medal. As for John Cena, he’s proven who’s never better than in the comics nag register (unlike his jaw-dropping jaw from Fast and Furious 9) and Margot Robbie continues to perfect the Harley Quinn that has been essential to our happiness. To complete this picture, Daniela Melchior and David Dastmalchian are veryfits into delirium and, of course, one can only be a King Shark fan.

By D14N