“Many times we leave not because we are “irresponsible“, it’s only when we leave that we can clearly see who we are and know what we lack.”

“Going on a trip” – a phrase that is often seen as a luxury hobby of people with idle time. But sometimes we have to go to find something sacred in life, for example, the saying young people often tell each other to go to see home is sacred. It sounds very philosophical, but humans are curious creatures and have constantly searched for the meaning of life with tired days in front of the screen, going back and forth early in the morning.

Many of these have heard a distant call and hit the road, but there are individuals who are driven out of their comfort zone. No matter which side they belong to, one thing is for sure, the journeys have a deeper meaning and they, age-defying explorers, have changed skin with every mile of their journey. Suddenly, they realize that life has many beautiful scenes and there are many hidden corners. Typically the “adventurers” below.

Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) – The Seeker

Among the films that inspire moving souls are Eat, Pray, Love . This is a lighthearted, somewhat romantic film about journeys to new horizons. And everyone can see a little bit of themselves in the character Elizabeth Gilbert (the real character played by Julia Roberts in the movie).

Based on the autobiographical book of the same name, Elizabeth has a life many people dream of. Nice house, a husband and a successful career. But in times alone, she feels lonely and lacks something she doesn’t understand. When her marriage came to an abrupt end, Elizabeth decided to drop everything, pack her backpack and go. During that trip, she found soul inspiration in food in Italy, spiritual strength in India and peace of mind in Indonesia .

Elizabeth is not a perfect character. She also has many vices besides her advantages. But she is the image of people who have been poring over screens or piles of documents. It is a fact that we understand that happiness does not only come from material satisfaction. For a long time, people have been constrained by very traditional expectations, like a house, a career in their 30s, and a marriage partner ideally before that milestone. And we have tried to force ourselves to those expectations, like a “deadline” run, nothing more and nothing less. but afterthat?

And that question has kept many people awake in the walls that have since become suffocating. Then we mustered the courage to hit the road. Many times we leave not because of “irresponsibility”, only when we go, we can see clearly who we are, we know what we lack.

Wild (2014) – Going to Heal

Many journeys do not begin with a thought in the middle of the night, many begin with pain and end with healing. As Cheryl Strayed (a real-life character played by Reese Witherspoon) realized. Based on a true story, Cheryl and Wild testify to the healing power of travel and human endurance.

Life was peaceful when Cheryl suffered the shock of losing her mother. In order not to feel pain herself, Cheryl began taking heroin and having quick one-night stands despite being married, leading to the breakdown of her marriage. But even seeing such consequences, she still couldn’t help but reorganize her life. Until one day, unable to stand it anymore, Cheryl decided to go hiking on the Pacific Crest trail, which is more than 4,000 kilometers long across the United States , despite having no trekking experience. But on that beautiful and challenging road, in the countless encounters with new people with their own problems along the way, Cheryl finds the strength to revive herself.

Wild compared to the original is somewhat more condensed, because the film has to summarize her 94-day journey in 115 minutes. With a beautiful and effective cinematic storytelling, Wild did not lose the message that the film and the book wanted to convey. We may not really know how strong we are when things go wrong, but never give up on ourselves, even if you think you’ve lost your way.

Tom (The Way) – It’s never too late to be an adventurer

Many people think that traveling is just a hobby for young people. Tom in The Way (2011) will change that opinion. Inspired by a true story, The Way narrates how a father travels to Europe to retrieve his son’s body. He died in a storm while trying to cross the Camino de Santiago trail (roughly translated: The Way of Saint James) – a network of Christian pilgrimage routes to the church of Santiago de Compostela, Spain Nha , where the remains of Saint James are buried. When he learned that his son had passed away on the journey, he decided to replace him with the remains of his son.

The beauty of The Way is Tom. He represents a generation with very traditional views. In his eyes, traveling is a hobby of young people who are idle, useless and even selfish, running away from responsibilities. But then when he himself walked on the miles his son had experienced, Tom’s prejudice gradually disappeared. It turns out that people go on the road not because they run away. Like the pilgrims who used to be on this pilgrimage, the backpackers are also looking for their sacred “faith”.

Walter Mitty (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) – Courage to get out of your comfort zone

Another old adventurer who has made an impression on the screen must be Walter Mitty, a middle-aged uncle, stuck in a very peaceful life, doing repetitive office jobs day in and day out. Ironically, Walter works with a photographer with a moving soul who has almost traveled across 5 continents and 4 seas. Every time he comes to the “deadline”, this photographer sends Walter a wallet as a souvenir of his longtime colleague. Until one day, Walter discovered that his colleague forgot to send a very expensive photo to the editorial office. So the office uncle was forced to pick up his backpack and go, based on the clues that the photos were sent earlier to track down the photographer’s location. Who would have thought that when the uncle went to find the picture, he found his courage.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a very warm, positive energy and inspirational movie with Walter Mitty being the main tool to breathe positivity and inspiration to get this crazy in the hearts of viewers. . There’s always a Walter Mitty in each of us – says The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – that we’ve dreamed of, admiring the adventures of others but too scared to break out of our comfort zone Dear. But the opportunity for an adventure of its own is always there. When it comes knocking, whether it’s for work or personal pursuits, whether it’s finding a purpose in life or just traveling, take a deep breath and muster the courage to embrace it.

Because in the midst of new landscapes you have not been to, from a small bar in Greenland or in the wild plains of the Himalayas , you will find life is more colorful than a rainbow and after every journey. , let those memorable moments re-energize you.

Fern (Nomadland) – Home is where the heart belongs

If these people all have a reason to pack their bags and go, Fern in Nomadland does not have this luck. She had to move because the situation had to. But her journey is still inspiring. Losing their jobs when the economy plummeted, middle-aged women like Fern had to “uproot” their old lives and become modern nomads in Nevada, USA . Her home is now a mobile truck, “countrymen” are other nomads, roaming the American West, living by short-term, part-time jobs.

Compared to Eat, Pray, Love, Nomadland is a low note when talking about shifting culture. Contrary to the beautiful aspect of the lifestyle that is considered the pinnacle of existence – when the living choose to give up material things and the hustle and bustle of society to return to the idyllic, contented with meager wealth and more freedom – Nomadland portrays a community forced out of stability. They are reluctant nomads, loss and bitterness. Nomadland is like Fern’s life, the calm surface contains the underground waves, then the peace with many emotions and finally the freedom when the mind realizes the truth in the harsh circumstances.

This movie is an interpretation of the saying “home is where our hearts belong” that you often hear in Disney movies, but using more realistic and mature language. In Fern’s nomadic journey, in contrast to the gloomy sadness that always awaits in the beautiful outdoor scenes, there is an optimistic message. Even in the lowest point of life, luck is still there.

For Fern, it’s a time to calm down, see life in front of you with its endless joys and smoldering pain, beautiful landscapes and freedoms that have largely disappeared in the modern world. . Along the way, even though she hardly owns any valuable possessions anymore, Fern meets sincere friends, who teach her how to overcome loss and finally give her a real home – the place where Fern can feel that you can truly call home. So even though it has no roof, Fern still doesn’t feel the cold – something not everyone can achieve in life.


By Yas Il