Summerland is a film with the war drama genre because it takes place during the 2nd World War. The film was released in July 2020 and directed by Jessica Swale. In addition to directing Summerland, Swale also wrote the screenplay. Gemma Arterton was chosen as the main character in this film.

Gemma Arterton plays Alice Lamb, a writer who lives alone in Kent, England. In her small hut, Alice writes and researches various folk tales. Alice is known as a witch because she lives alone and is never friendly to other residents, especially to small children.

Unraveling the Mystery of Alice’s Past
So busy with the book she was writing, Alice did not notice the letter that came from the village head until finally a child came at the door of her hut. The village head asks Alice for help to look after a child who fled from London named Frank (Lucas Bond).

London is in great danger because of the ongoing war. Frank and the other London children must flee to a safer place and fate brings them to Alice in Kent.

The innocent and adorable Frank often asks innocent things. He asked why Alice did not have a husband. The question made Alice pensive. Memories of the past appeared in his mind.

In the 1920s he meets a woman named Vera (Gugu Mbatha-Raw). Alice’s love story began at that time, but unfortunately had to end for some reason.

Eye-soothing Cinematography
While watching this film, one aspect that really stands out is the beauty shown in each scene. Kent is a place on the coast. Views of waves, sand, and typical beach rocks adorn several scenes in this film. Moreover, the location of Alice’s hut beside the beach makes the scene in the hut never boring.

In addition to the quality of the cinematography, Summerland also emphasizes the acting quality of the actors and actresses who are charming. The most outstanding quality is the acting of a young actor named Lucas Bond. He successfully played the character Frank. Bond can complement Gemma Arterton’s acting quality, which is certainly more experienced.

Alice’s character, which was initially cold, gradually turned warmer when she met Frank. Arterton managed to convince the audience that Alice is a woman who is actually full of love and affection, but it is difficult to show it. Until the film ends, the audience will still feel the warmth and affection of an Alice.

Although it is a war drama genre, the war scenes in this film only last for a short time. The story is more centered on the strong relationship between Alice and Frank and how Alice makes peace with her past. Overall, Summerland is a film full of themes of love and friendship.