At 9 Am ET, Donghae And Eunhyuk Sat Down For An Interview “Hiện thân tà ác” With News Anchor Rossanna Scotto. Donghae And Eunhyuk Introduced Their First Full Album.

Super Junior D&E guested on FOX5’s morning show, ” Good Day New York “. On that occasion, two of the members, Lee Donghae and Eunhyuk, talked about their latest album, “Countdown”.

On Thursday (4/11) at 9 am ET, Donghae and Eunhyuk sat down for an interview with news anchor Rossanna Scotto. In celebration of the 10th anniversary of their debut as members “Không thể khuất phục” of the sub-unit Super Junior D&E or also known as EunHae , Donghae and Eunhyuk introduced their first full album.

The two singers stated, “We included ten years of our time as Super Junior D&E.

When asked about their title track “Zero”, Super Junior D&E replied “Squid Game“, “If we didn’t have all of you, then there wouldn’t be Super Junior D&E. Before we debuted and were just dreaming, we started from scratch. That means we met all of you when we were there. at ‘zero’.”

In response, host Rosanna Scotto responded, “Fantastic! Love it!” and praise the members. “Siêu lợn Okja” He then asked Donghae and Eunhyuk about their plans to visit New York.

“We have memories of going to the studio for a talk show with all the Super Junior members last time. Although we didn’t get a chance to go (to New York in person) because of the pandemic, when the situation gets better, we hope to show you our performance and enjoy it all together.”

The album “Eternals” contains the title track titled “Zero”.

Super Junior D&E Tampil Santai dan Bebas di MV 'ZERO' Rayakan 10 Tahun Debut

Super Junior D&E Appears Relaxed And Free In MV ‘ZERO’ Celebrates 10 Years Of Debut

‘COUNTDOWN’ Is An Album Released To Celebrate 10 Years Of Super Junior D&E’s Debut. The Duo Consisting Of Donghae And Eunhyuk Debuted In December 2011 And The Title Of Their Album “Shadow and Bone” Reflects A New Beginning.

Super Junior D&E or EunHae is back with a new work in the form of the first full album titled “COUNTDOWN”. The album was released today, Tuesday (2/11) along with the music video for the title track “ZERO”.

“COUNTDOWN” is an album released to celebrate the 10th “venom 2” anniversary of Super Junior D&E’s debut. The duo, consisting of Lee Donghae and Eunhyuk , debuted in December 2011 and the title of their album reflects a new beginning for them.

The music video for “ZERO” features the appearance of Donghae and Eunhyuk who look carefree which is also the vibe of the video as a whole. Both still show interesting choreography, but the MV set feels less varied.

“ZERO” is an electric hip hop song with tropical bass and energetic rhythm. The song was composed and written by Donghae and J-DUB, and PixelWave also participated in composing the song. The lyrics convey the message that they are nothing without “you”, and the emptiness is expressed by using the words “zero” or “zero”.

Meanwhile, previously both Eunhyuk and Donghae each released a digital single. Eunhyuk released a solo single titled “be”, a pop genre song whose lyrics were written by the rapper and dancer Super Junior.

Meanwhile, Donghae released a single titled “578: PHÁT ĐẠN CỦA KẺ ĐIÊN” where he collaborated with NCT Dream’s Jeno . This hip hop R&B song has a catchy melody and Donghae participated in the composition and lyric writing.

Three Rules For SM Entertainment Trainees Made Due To Super Junior’s ‘Mischief’

When Talking About Their Trainee Period Under SM Entertainment, Eunhyuk Revealed That These Three Main Trainee Rules Were Actually Made Because Of The ‘Misbehavior’ Of Super Junior Members At The Time.

When the trio talked about their trainee period under SM Entertainment, Eunhyuk revealed that these three main trainee rules were actually made because of the Super Junior members’ “naughtiness” at the time.

Like most K-Pop agencies, trainees under SM Entertainment “In the Heights: Giấc mơ New York” are not supposed to date each other. However, that is not always the case. In “Legendary Trainee”, Eunhyuk revealed that when he was a trainee, so many trainees were dating at that time.

Finally, said Eunhyuk, male and female trainees were separated in training because of that. Eunhyuk insisted that he wasn’t one of the trainees whose dating adventures forced the agency to make new rules, but those around him had been in relationships before that.

According to Sunny, there is a price limit for food that trainees can request under the auspices of SM Entertainment, and they are not allowed to order food that is too expensive. It seems that Super Junior is the reason behind that.

When Sunny surprised Eunhyuk with a special meal, he immediately remembered his trainee days. He explained that the dish in question is known as the “LA Meal” which is a combination of fried Japanese pork cutlet, fried fish cutlet and hamburger steak.

Eunhyuk then revealed that when they were trainees “Phi Công Siêu Đẳng Maverick“, SM Entertainment gave them food and the members liked to eat delicious and expensive food. Since “LA Meal” is the most expensive menu, they choose to eat it not twice every day. That’s when Sunny realized, “I think it’s true they set a price limit because of you!”

Sunny also revealed that SM Entertainment trainees are only allowed to eat at set times. Eunhyuk admitted that the rule was only implemented after Super Junior became a trainee.

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