Indian Movie Radhe Shyam has a unique story. True Love Story between Fortune Teller and Doctor. Lately, it rare to make a true love story like Romeo and Juliet or Laila and Majnun . Indian Movies lately have more action and bio -themed themes . To cure the thirst for true love stories, director Radha Krishna Kumar also tried to make this theme this year.

It seems that Radha Krishna Kumar or who is known as RKK wants to try new things in making love story conflicts. He doesn’t want to create a love conflict that can’t be united because of the conflict between two countries, like Veer Zaara or Gadar Ek Prem Khata. He also doesn’t want to create a love conflict that can’t be united because of family disputes like Romeo and Juliet.

The director tries to come up with a new formula, a love that can’t be united because of fate prophecy, it sounds illogical. But what wrong with RKK trying… so what the result? Read the detailed review and synopsis of the following Indian Movie Radhe Shyam.

Sinopsis Movie India Radhe Shyam

Vikramaditya (Prabhas) is a palmistry, fortune teller who can know people future lives by reading the lines on the palms. His predictions are like God will where what he says is always right and never wrong.

Vikram sees that in his palm there is no love, that why he never trusts and is loyal to women. If he sees a beautiful woman and likes her he will approach her, tease her, give a lot of love to make her attracted to him, but after making love to her Vikram will leave him.

But Dr. Prerana (Pooja Hedge) looks different in his eyes, since meeting on the train, Vikram really falls in love, Vikram sincerely loves him until he is willing to fight God destiny to be with Prerana forever.

Prerana and his family, who are doctors, believe in science more than predictions, but when Prerana sees Vikram predicting passengers on the train that the passenger will have an accident and it really happened, Prerana starts to get nervous. He was worried that what Vikram said about the future of their love which ended tragically would actually happen. Will Vikram and Prerana be able to unite in reaching their love?

Review Radhe Shyam

Radha Krishna Kumar (RKK) is a romantic director who has sweet fantasies in his imagination. In the first scene we are shown something unique when Prerana ties his stomach with a shawl and then asks another passenger to pull and hold his shawl as Prerana stands leaning on the train door to feel the breeze of beautiful nature.

This is not logical at all, because if the passenger who pulled the shawl wasn’t strong enough, the Prerana would automatically fall and die. But Prerana is not afraid to die, after all, his life is predicted to be only a few months away. Here is another beautiful scene that RKK so sweetly created.

Plus, it is balanced with cinematography that is extraordinarily beautiful, majestic, and luxurious, making our eyes bright and amazed by the images shown. But unfortunately the beauty that amazed us from the beginning to the middle, weakened towards the end.

RKK is not able to maintain what has been formed well in the beginning. From Interval to the ending he started to be inconsistent, the story he made he destroyed himself. He forced medical science to lose and submit to prophecy, but he was still dissatisfied, as if wanting even more that fortune-tellers were God who could reject and change his own predictions. He began to dare to include excessive scenes that he shouldn’t need to make and could be replaced with more subtle ones that still maintain the strength of the story.

For example, the scene where Vikram drove his skateboard on the highway and was hit by a bus, if normal people die, right, he is like God who walks to the hospital without an ambulance until he meets Prerana who treats him.

In fact, we can take the example of Jimmy Shergil whose palm was injured so that Preeti Jhangiani could be treated in Mohabbatein, or Emraan Hashmi who was injured so that his doctor lover could treat him in Jannat 2. built in advance.

Prabhas and Pooja Hedge awesome acting in Radhe Shyam
Prabhas is quite romantic as Vikramaditya. The scene of how he chases his love is so sweet . But in some parts he looks like a confused person, he seems to think “it me even though what is it?” This is due to the inconsistent scenario leading to the ending. As a result, it feels like you have no taste, everything feels awkward. He is really dashing like Bahubali throughout the Movie, maybe even more manly. Never mind predicting people future. He can predict the dead too. When a dead person looks at the palm of his hand, he will be able to know the history of the corpse during his lifetime. Very cool right???

Pooja Hedge, anyone will feel cool and like to see Dr. Prerana. Throughout the Movie she is beautiful and beautiful, even when she is lying in the hospital she is very beautiful. Don’t expect a pale face like exhaustion from pain like Shahrukh Khan in Kal Ho Na Ho or Kajol in We Are Family. Prerana doesn’t look like someone with a deadly disease. The only thing that made the audience believe he was sick was bleeding from his nose.

Another cast is Bhagyasree as Vikram mother, the actress who was famous for her Movie Maine Pyar Kiya with Salman Khan is still beautiful and young in her old age. Then there is Sachin Khedekar whose acting is always total, he plays the doctor and uncle of Prerana who does not believe in predictions and believes more in science, but in the end he has to admit that predictions are more accurate than science. It weird.. but never mind.. I like screenwriters.

There are many other casts, but what I like is the small role of an actress with a crippled arm, her two scenes on the train and on a road are quite emotional.

Actually Radhe Shyam is not a bad Movie, if it were smoother, more real, more human, this Movie has the potential to be a good Movie, it doesn’t need an expensive budget to show natural disasters. We can see that in Indonesia there is a Movie Memorizing Delisa Prayer (HSD), the Tsunami in HSD is definitely not magnificent, but feel when Delisa is lost in a storm, and is found in a state of many wounds, this is a sad effect and the effect of God power is very real.

If.. and if.. Radhe Shyam was a little patient at the ending, it could have been good. But this less strong story was helped by the beautiful and majestic cinematography and pleasant soundtrack songs that will surely make your ears love to hear it.

By Jaya