Redeeming Love , a film adaptation of the bestselling novel by Francine Rivers which was released on January 21, 2022. The film is inspired by the love story in a Bible. About the love story of a prophet named Hosea who married a sex worker named Gomer.

Similar to the novel, Redeeming Love tells the story of Michael Hosea, a good farmer (Tom Lewis) who is sincere to Angel (Abigail Cowen), a prima donna sex worker in Pair-a-dice, California.

Angel is a young woman who lives and works in a brothel run by a woman named the Duchess (Famke Janssen). One day, a good farmer, Michael Hosea prayed that God would give him a partner. Later that day, Michael Hosea saw Angel as he was strolling through town. Shocked by her beauty, Michael Hosea took this incident as a sign that God was listening to his prayers, and thus he began to pursue Angel. Michael Hosea insists on saving Angel from a prostitution house and promises Angel a decent life by marrying her, and showering her with love and affection.

Although it is difficult to accept it, Angel tries to accept his proposal and lives with Michael Hosea who is far from his village. Since his mother’s departure, his life has become chaotic and Angel shuts himself off from everyone. Angel finally realized that the presence of Michael Hosea made his life change and for the better.

The inner conflict experienced by Angel is trauma and his dark life makes Angel feel low and unable to give the love he deserves to Michael Hosea. This makes Angel repeatedly run away from Michael Hosea and try to return to his dark life. Michael Hosea with his patience and belief in God never gave up to save and receive Angel back. Michael Hosea’s sincere love and obedience to God melted Angel’s heart and made him remember God again.

By Arkha