Synopsis & Review Taisho Otome Fairy Tale (2021)

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The anime Taisho Otome Fairy Tale (2021) is adapted from the manga series with the title Taishou Otome Otogibanashi by Sana Kiroka. The anime is produced by SynergySP with director Hatori Jun and scriptwriter Hiroko Fukuda.

This anime will be released in mid-fall 2021 and can already be watched on the official Muse Indonesia website as well as iQIYI which airs every Saturday. This anime aired as many as 12 episodes which will end on December 25, 2021.

Well, this time Bacaterus has summarized the synopsis and review of the Taisho Otome Fairy Tale anime (2021). So that you are not curious anymore, here is the review.

This anime tells the story of a teenage boy named Tamahiko who was dumped by his family because he was considered to have embarrassed the family.

He was exiled in a village, living alone in restlessness. Until one day, a girl named Yuzuki comes into his life and begins to give color to Tamahiko’s life.

Episodes 1-6
In late 1921, Tamahiko lived in a villa owned by his family in the mountains of Chiba. He felt depressed to accept the reality of his life as if there was no hope anymore.

One night, a girl named Yuzuki Tachibana comes and lives with Tamahiko. Yuzuki is a girl who was bought by her father Tamahiko to pay off her family’s debt.

Early in the spring of 1922, Tamahiko was still trying to get used to Yuzu’s existence. One day, he received a letter from his father telling him that his two siblings were getting married. However, to maintain the success of the marriage, Tamahiko was declared dead by his father.

Of course this news made Tamahiko even more depressed, even fell ill. Yuzu tries to care for and comfort Tamahiko and Tamahiko accidentally soils Yuzu’s kimono. To reduce his guilt, he gave a cloth to Yuzu.

After a month had passed, Tamahiko’s younger sister came suddenly and decided from now on she would live in the villa.

Tamako starts living with Tamahiko as well as Yuzu, although her attitude is still cold and arrogant. His attitude makes Tamahiko start to feel depressed again remembering about herself being dumped by her family.

Yuzu then comforted Tamahiko by taking her to a hill not far from the villa and seeing the natural scenery there made Tamahiko happy.

Seeing the unusual sight with her sister, Tamako was annoyed. But at night, because of a thunderstorm Tamako feels scared. Then, Yuzu accompanied Tamako and comforted her. From then on, the two of them became close and it made Tamahiko feel strange seeing her.

Yuzu falls ill from overwork, which worries Tamahiko and Tamako. In the evening, Tamahiko checks on Yuzu’s condition.

However, he found Yuzu having difficulty breathing because the bandage on her chest was too tight. Then the next day, Tamako said that she was going home because she wanted to become a doctor.

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On September 1st, Tamako went to Kobe to start studying medicine with her uncle. Then Yuzu and Tamako went to the market to buy some things.

There they were noticed by the villagers and a somewhat suspicious person. In the evening Yuzu gives a bookmark as a birthday present for Tamahiko.

Yuzu’s gifts and birthday wishes made Tamahiko feel very happy and felt like being reborn.

Then, suddenly there was the sound of something breaking in Tamahiko’s room. There was a mysterious woman who watched her while at the market. But it turns out that the woman stole Tamahiko’s wallet and bookmarks.

Tamahiko chases after the woman and finds Ryo’s house which has stolen his wallet and bookmarks. At the house, Tamahiko sees Ryo’s father is an alcoholic and forces Ryo to steal for his sake.

The next day, Tamahiko again looks for Ryo and asks him to return his bookmark. However, Ryo used Tamahiko to help his younger siblings study, but because Ryo’s father had already arrived, Tamahiko went straight home.

On the morning of the next day, Ryo comes to the house and teases Tamahiko, thus causing Yuzu to misunderstand and tear the bookmark he gave Tamahiko.

Episodes 7-8
Tamahiko teaches Ryo’s sisters and other children who suddenly come to his house. However, every day more and more children came.

Ryo also suddenly came, then he apologized to Yuzu for what happened earlier. Yuzu began to get used to Ryo’s attitude and made friends. Tamahiko and Yuzu’s relationship is now getting closer.

Since Yuzu is 15 years old, he is ready to marry Tamahiko. However, Tamahiko wants to change into a better man than he is now, so he is not ready to get married yet.

Ryo enlists Tamahiko’s and Yuzu’s help in finding his sister, Ryoutaro who disappeared. In fact, in the afternoon Ryoutaro said goodbye to Tamahiko and was going to work in Tokyo. But it turns out that Ryoutaro is hiding because he is afraid to go to work.

But after listening to Tamahiko’s opinion, Ryoutaro started to shake off all his fears. Then the next day he went by train to Tokyo and said goodbye to his family, Tamahiko and Yuzu.

Tamahiko had already written to his father five times to be allowed to return to school. But there was never a reply letter, while Tamako found out all the news about Tamahiko from Yuzu.

Then there is a letter from his uncle offering Tamahiko to continue school. And Tamahiko happily accepted the offer.

Tamahiko studies hard to take the high school entrance exam. All his hard work paid off, because he graduated and was accepted into high school. On the first day of school, there are two new students including Tamahiko. The other one is Hakaru who is the twin sister of Kotori, a famous young singer.