Wojciech Szczesny became one of the heroes of Juventus’ victory against AS Roma in the Serie A match , Monday (10/1/2022). However, the heroic actions that did not make the Polish player so big-headed.

Juventus faced Roma for the second time in Serie A by bringing capital to a 1-0 victory in the first meeting. They acted as the away team and came out victorious again.

At first, Juventus conceded first through a goal from Tammy Abraham which Paulo Dybala replied before the first half ended. In the second half, Roma scored two goals through Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Lorenzo Pellegrini which made it 3-1 ahead.

Behind two goals did not make Juventus give up. Within seven minutes, they made a comeback by scoring three goals through Manuel Locatelli, Dejan Kulusevski and Mattia De Sciglio.

Essential Rescue
Juventus winning 4-3 and is predicted to bring home the victory. But doubts arose in the 81st minute, with Matthijs de Ligt hitting a handsball that earned Roma a penalty.

The situation was exacerbated by the referee’s decision to award the Dutch defender a second yellow card. At this moment, Roma’s chances to equalize are huge.

Unfortunately, the public at the Stadio Olimpico failed to cheer up. Pellegrini’s execution was read well by Szczesny. Pellegrini should have been the hero in this match, but the keeper took the order.

“It feels good to save a penalty at such an important moment in a game,” Szczesny told DAZN after the match.

Szczesny refused to be big-headed. He admitted that he had made a mistake in the process of this glorious rescue. So, there is luck in his heroic action.

“I did everything, I could not have stopped him because I was doing the trick too fast. But I was lucky enough because Pellegrini shot the ball at me. It felt good,” he continued.

Pellegrini has two types of penalties. I cheated when I ran and ran out of time, I lost a little balance,” he concluded.

AS Roma vs Juventus: Anyone Dare to Criticize Szczesny? See These Stats First

Juventus had to go through their first four matches in Serie A with poor results. It is undeniable that the goalkeeper, Wojciech Szczesny, has a hand behind it.

When they played against Udinese in August 2021, Juventus had a two-goal lead in the first half thanks to Paulo Dybala and Juan Cuadrado. However, Szczesny’s mistake made the match end in a 2-2 draw.

The result gave a pretty big blow to the mentality of the players. After that, the Bianconeri suffered two consecutive defeats to Empoli and Napoli. And the following week again held to a 1-1 draw.

In the fifth week of Serie A, Juventus managed to beat Spezia with a narrow score of 3-2. The results the Bianconeri have received since then have started to improve, as has Szczesny’s performance in goal.

10 Clean Sheets This Season
Admittedly, Juventus are still having problems with inconsistencies. They won three of the last five games with difficulty, while the rest ended in draws including against promoted club Venezia.

But what should be noted is that Juventus’ defense is starting to show improvement. Some matches ended with clean sheets. And despite being ranked fifth, Juventus has a better conceding record than the two clubs above it.

Obviously, this positive score was due to a slick performance from Szczesny. The Polish goalkeeper has kept 10 clean sheets this season and has only conceded three goals or more twice.

Penalty Master
One of the two matches in which Szczesny conceded three goals or more was held on Monday (10/1/2022) early this morning. Fortunately, Juventus was able to come out victorious with a thin score of 4-3.

Szczesny was not to blame for the three goals that Roma scored. The first goal came because Daniele Rugani did not keep Tammy Abraham tight in a set piece situation. The second was born due to a deflection, while the third was too difficult to block.

In fact, Szczesny deserves credit. Because if it wasn’t for his brilliant action when denying Lorenzo Pellegrini’s penalty in the 83rd minute, the match might have ended in a draw. Even Juventus can lose.

Szczesny also has a good record in penalties. According to Football Italia , he saved 23 of the 79 penalties he faced throughout his career. The last penalty he saved came from Roma’s Jordan Veretout when Juventus won 1-0 in October.

By Raufs