The Valencian company MioBio combines artificial intelligence, nutrigenetics and cooking to design personalized recipes according to the profile and preferences of professionals.......

Becoming an elite athlete doesn’t just require training and dedication. Good nutrition is also key to success. That is why the Valencian company MioBio, which was born as a healthy restaurant, has been evolving and innovating until it merges technology, nutrigenetics and cuisine with the aim of improving the health and sports performance of professionals.

The closure of the hotel industry during the pandemic led the founders of MioBio, Sergio Brisa and Emanuela Gornati, to reorient their business model. Realizing that the health crisis was accelerating concern for well-being, they opted to generalize their relationship with elite athletes that began through their visits to the venue. They thought of cooking the best menu for each of them based on an analysis of their profile with a secret ingredient: technology. The method consists of the “highly personalized” analysis using artificial intelligence (AI) of numerous parameters of the athletes, which derive in a nutritional plan based on their tastes, needs and experiences that is completed with a variety of recipes and daily shipments to their homes.

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MioBio works for more than 30 clients including soccer players, federations, clubs and associations, as well as sports nutritionists and companies and individuals from other fields. And, in addition to daily food, a lot of importance is given to “regenerative” food after games.

It has more than 30 clients among soccer players, clubs, federations and associations

Among his clients are footballers from clubs such as Villarreal, Getafe, Eibar or Huesca. Nemanja Maksimovic, a Getafe CF player, assures that with MioBio “we always have fresh and healthy food. The most important thing is what you eat, so in this way I am preparing my body for each match.” Those interested can register on the web or app and find out their weekly plan and review their progress.

Today, accelerated by Demium Startups and about to close a first round of financing of 200,000 euros, MioBio has become a benchmark in food in the world of professional sports. Thus, it seeks to optimize its business and continue growing. Among its plans, the international leap stands out with its landing next year in Italy, around 2023-2024 in Mexico and France to later be able to establish itself in the United Kingdom and the United States. On the other hand, it is also exploring new services for a non-professional market that, according to what they say, increasingly demands this type of service.

For its part, the football-focused platform Oliver has teamed up with the specialized chain Fútbol Emotion to sell in its stores the same technology that, they say, is used by dozens of professional and semi-professional clubs in more than ten countries, such as Real Madrid Campus, RC Celta, Racing de Santander, Sporting de Gijón or CD Alcoyano, among others.

The Oliver platform joins forces with Fútbol Emotion to sell a GPS that helps prevent injuries

It is a small GPS device that has ten sensors that generate a tracking system that monitors and gamifies dozens of metrics so that players and teams can improve their performance and reduce muscle injuries by up to 45%: heat map, hitting force , distance traveled or maximum speed.

It has a potential audience of three million footballers, including amateurs, federated and professionals, they comment.

Insurance for the most adventurous

Mountain protection. The insurtech Getlife recently presented a life insurance for mountain athletes, offering an alternative to traditional insurers, with a flexible 100% online product. According to the Spanish Federation of Mountain and Climbing Sports, since 2015 there have been more than 500 deaths in the mountains. Thus, this specific product designed for mountain lovers, an activity that is not usually covered by traditional insurers, protects the insured’s family in the event of death or permanent disability.

The greater accessibility to natural spaces, the high doses of adrenaline and the tendency to spend more time outdoors are the ingredients that have made the mountain a key destination for the most adventurous. And, although when practicing this type of sports it is usual to rule out or not think about the possibility of fatal accidents, the reality is that they do happen. The insurance can be contracted online and for as long as you decide and without the need for medical examinations or tests. As long as the premium is paid, which is billed monthly, and not annually, the insured will be covered.

Getlife also allows changes to be made to the coverages included when the insured needs it. This flexibility makes it useful and easy for the youngest to have life insurance, which they can take out indefinitely or to insure themselves for a certain period when they practice mountain sports.

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