Tao, Ex-EXO, Is Reportedly Dating The Beautiful Idol Xu Yiyang, Who Turns Out To Be A Former SM Trainee

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In The Photo, Xu Yiyang Is Walking On The Beach With A Man And He Is Wearing A Sweater Identical To The Girl In Tao’s Avatar. This Detail Has Sparked Rumors That The Couple Is Dating.

Tao ‘s dating rumors are currently the talk. On February 11, the Weibo platform was stirred up with dating rumors between Tao and Xu Yiyang , a former participant in the survival show ” Produce Camp 2020 “. A series of famous bloggers have discovered an anomaly, raising questions about the relationship of these two famous stars.

In particular, in the live broadcast, Tao’s conversation with his relatives that was captured via the phone application was revealed. It is worth mentioning that the profile photo of the owner’s real name Huang Zitao is a photo of two people taken on the beach.

The screenshot shows the avatar Tao is using which shows the male singer playing with a girl wearing a black sweater with white text on the back. Fans later came across the picture that Xu Yiyang had posted on SNS and realized what an incredible coincidence.

In the photo, Xu Yiyang is walking on the beach with a man and he is wearing a sweater identical to the girl in Tao’s avatar. This detail has sparked rumors that the pair are dating and have traveled together. In addition, the two artists posted photos taken in front of the same house. This is said to be a resort that couples use to spend time.

Due to all the above undeniable evidence, people questioned whether Tao and Xu Yiyang were intentionally dating in public. In July 2020, when Xu Yiyang joined “Produce Camp 2020”, where Tao joined as a coach, he was fully supported by the former EXO member . What’s more, the female singer is the only one that Tao follows on social media.

Xu Yiyang was born in 1997, has a sweet and pure beauty. However, she wasn’t lucky enough to make her debut with BONBON GIRLS , which was formed from “Produce Camp 2020”. The female singer is now a working artist under L.TAO ENTERTAINMENT founded by Tao. Xu Yiyang is also known to be a former SM Entertainment trainee, who was introduced as part of SM Rookies in 2016 along with Ningning who is now a member of AESPA .

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