As we all know, Taylor Swift is a very successful singer and songwriter. He started his singing career at the age of fifteen until now, he has received many awards throughout his musical career.

Until now, the American singer has won fourteen times the Grammy Award in various nominations. Her name has also been listed as Woman Of The Decade on Billboard in 2010.

Now, he has added to his list of accomplishments by receiving an honorary degree from New York University. He holds the title of Doctor of Fine Arts, Honoris Causa (HC) and also gave a speech at the graduation ceremony at Yankee Stadium.

Here are five messages in Taylor Swift’s speech for the younger generation not to give up easily in achieving their goals.

1. Know what is worth fighting for and what is not

Life as a student will be very different from life in the world of work. In the process, we will also be faced with several choices that often make some of us confused to decide which is the right choice.

Taylor Swift in her speech said that we must know what we have to fight for and what we have to give up. Because as long as we live, not everything we want can come true, sometimes we have to be willing to let go of desires that are not worth fighting for.

He also added that we must choose what we will fight for and give up the rest, because we will not be able to hold on to everything we dream of.

2. Learn to live side by side with shame

There will be embarrassing moments in our life, the best choice is we are willing to accept the shame because we will not be able to avoid it.

For example, when we fail the college entrance exam, fail to be the class champion, or fail to get the job we dream of. Taylor Swift’s message is don’t be shy to try and learn from failure.

3. Rise after failure

In our journey to achieve our dreams, there are bound to be parties who are not happy with what we are doing, they may ridicule us and all we have to do is focus on the goal, ignore the negative talk from people around us.

We may also feel that we are in the lowest position in our lives. Feeling sad, disappointed and tired will certainly make us discouraged. However, that is the cycle of life, we will feel various things. Don’t give in to that unpleasant feeling, but get up and fight harder to achieve something we dream of.

4. You will not be successful if you never try

Many of us want things instantly, we are reluctant to work hard, we want success in a short time and we are also afraid of failure. Will our dreams come true just by being lazy? Of course not.

That’s what Taylor Swift wanted to convey in her speech. His career as a singer and songwriter is also not easy. He also received a lot of negative comments early in his career, but he vents the sadness he feels through his songs. This is what makes Swifties (as Taylor Swift fans are called) even more proud and motivated not to give up easily.

5. It’s totally up to you

It’s all up to us. Yep, we are free to decide which dream we will strive for, something that makes us enthusiastic to work on it immediately. Do we want to be an entrepreneur? Teacher? Or artist? It’s all up to us. We must have the courage to show our interests and talents.

That was Taylor Swift’s message in her speech at New York University. Nothing is easy in life, but there will always be a way out of all our troubles. For that, don’t give up easily, pray and keep trying until success welcomes us. Taylor Swift will always be the pride of Swiefties!

By Jaya