Samsung Data Leaked? Hackers claim to have broken into 190 GB, here are the details – Samsung data was allegedly leaked by hackers who managed to break into 190GB of data that was actively shared in torrents.

Samsung data was allegedly hacked by the Lapsus$ hacker group.

The entire database stolen by the group is actively shared in torrents reaching 190GB. A group of hackers from South America had previously attacked and leaked data from Nvidia.

Lapsus$ initially uploaded a screenshot containing the code for Samsung software and then provided details on what data it managed to retrieve from Samsung servers

. Quoted from AndroidPolice , Monday (7/3/2022), the data that was successfully compromised included the algorithm for biometric authentication, the bootloader source code for all new Samsung products, and all the source code for the Samsung account authentication process.

So far, Lapsus$ has not demanded a ransom from Samsung. However, this leaked data spread quickly because there are already more than 400 peers who share this torrent and Lapsus$ plans to increase the download speed with additional servers.

It is not known how much of Samsung confidential data the hackers managed to access .

To The Korea Herald, a Samsung official said that his party is currently still observing the situation so it is not clear what demands this hacker group has on Samsung.

Before breaking into Samsung, Lapsus$ claimed to be the group responsible for the Nvidia hack last week.

In the incident, Lapsus$ claimed to have retrieved 1TB of confidential data, including schematic and driver source code .

Unlike the case of the Samsung hack, Lapsus$ has a special request for Nvidia.

They demanded that Nvidia make the drivers open source and remove a feature in some RTX 30-series GPUs that limits hash rates when mining cryptocurrencies.

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By Jaya