Since its inception, Netflix has become the most popular stream in the world due to the quality of its films and series. They present a variety of popular genres, one of which is a teen romantic comedy that is an idol for millennials. This genre has its own place for the audience.

For teenagers, the story relates to their lives about the search for identity, first love and friendship. As for the more seniors, this can be a pleasant memory. Well, here are five of the best teen rom-coms that you can watch on Netflix.


1. The Half of It (2020)
This comedy drama tells the story of Ellie Chu, an unpopular girl at school and a loner. One day, he is approached by Paul Munksy, a popular football player. He asks his help to write a love letter to the prettiest girl in school, Aster Flores.

Over time, their relationship develops into a unique romance of love and friendship, but things get complicated when it is discovered that Ellie is hiding a deep secret that no one knows.


2. Alex Strangelove (2018)
Alex Strangelove premiered at the film festival before being released on Netflix. The film follows the story of a high school student named Alex who begins a love affair with his best friend, Claire. However, after she meets new people and talks to them, she begins to feel various conflicts in her life and feelings.

This film is a slick depiction of a teenager’s search for identity, love and the drama of life they face.

3. The Kissing Booth (2018)
The film stars Joey King who plays a high school student named Elle who volunteers to run a kissing booth at a school event. Unfortunately for Elle, things get complicated when her crush and her best friend’s older brother come to kiss at the booth.

Elle is forced to decide whether she should move on or continue to be friends with them, but feels a lingering heartache.

4. The Last Summer (2019)
The film is set during the last summer, aka the school holidays, of the lives of a group of friends before they head off to college and move on to new phases of their lives. Here we are given an overview of the different storylines which are all intertwined.

This is one of the most difficult phases of a teenager’s life as the group tries to accept the fact that they will soon graduate, move on, and may never see each other again.

5. The Perfect Date (2019)
The film stars Noah Centineo as Brooks, a high school student trying to find a way to raise enough money to pay his school bills. Creatively she decided to create an app where people could hire her to pretend to be their boyfriend for a special occasion.

But everything changes when he falls in love with one of his clients, and his life plans start to get complicated.

Those are five recommendations for teen romantic comedies that should be on your watch list. The plot of the story presented is not only making you baper, but also full of inspiration for those of you who are going through their teenage years with various dramas in their lives.

By Rama