We all agree that kisses are the best expressions of love in movies. They take place with so many emotions of the two parties involved, just enough to make us flutter and hot enough to make the film an extra layer of romance. However, not always the two main characters kissing leaves such emotional sublimation. While some are really vibrating, others are…just want to run out of words in a bad way!

1. The kiss of Noah and Allie in The Notebook makes the writer believe in true love.

At the beginning of the article, we will come to the classic that made the writer fully expect in middle school when it comes to romance. That kiss was a powerful accumulation, an unimaginable degree of heat, chemistry with a rain effect! Overwhelmed! This kiss is cinematic perfection.

2. The kiss of Luke and Leia in Star Wars completely shocked the writer.

While I know that Luke and Leia were unaware of their backgrounds at the time of the kiss, that doesn’t mean their lip lock was any less shocking. And no, they’re not distant cousins ​​you haven’t met. No! They are brothers and sisters to each other. Actually twins! I hope I never see such a kiss in any movie, again. https://geany.org/p/jSUO8/

3. In Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End , Will and Elizabeth’s mid-battle kiss marks the greatest wedding of all time.

What’s more romantic than a wedding between two lovers? It is a spontaneous romantic wedding on the battlefield between two lovers. Their fight choreography emphasizes seamless teamwork and you just have to know they’re perfect for each other. And asking Barbosa everyone to join the wedding ceremony with them really shows the love along with the humor that the couple has built in the movie. And oh my god, the camera around them to capture their passionate kiss in the rain is amazing.

4. Fat Amy and Bumper’s kiss in Pitch Perfect 2 turns into an excessive kiss.

I think we can all agree that a little tongue can make the other person “hot” and stimulate a lot. But the tongue is like sriracha: a little is more than enough and more is a disaster. Fat Amy and Bumper’s kiss is a prime example of excessive extravagance. If your tongue is sliding into a man’s nostrils, you may have fallen into that slightly “smeared” state. Obviously, such a kiss can be passionate and funny, but all of that is a bit “heavy” for the writer. http://allabouturanch.com/forum/topics/hjfhgjdf-jjfjbfg-fjjfjj

5. Lakita and Jamal’s kiss in Slumdog Millionaire proves that love conquers all.

As Jamal runs towards Latika at the train station, vivid memories are flashed across the screen and you’re reminded of the long journey they had to go through to be reunited. She shyly looked down when he saw her scar, but he gently kissed it to show her that she was perfect despite what had happened. After that, their lips touched each other so tenderly that the audience’s hearts melted. Plus, it leads to one of the best dance scenes in movie history!

6. In Harry Potter , Ginny and Harry’s first kiss didn’t have a chemical reaction.

In the book, Harry and Ginny’s relationship is nothing special. In the movie, it’s a prickly coercion. Ginny Weasley wasn’t born to tie Harry Potter’s shoelaces!!! JK Rowling can build a huge wizarding world, but romance doesn’t seem to be her forte. For example, the scene where two young Harry and Ginny exchange a kiss in the moment they have to protect Hogwarts. It’s really clumsy, forced and makes viewers uncomfortable without any “chemistry”. Especially since this is their first kiss, which even the actors seem to be completely unenthusiastic about. Confusion was evident.

7. Peter and Mary Jane’s kiss in Spider-Man still haunts the writer’s mind.

When this movie came out, the writer was just an 8-year-old kid. The writer didn’t even know you could kiss someone back! It was great to watch (although the writer’s mother tried to cover the writer’s eyes because the writer was young). Even now, it seems super romantic. Did she pull down her superhero mask just enough to kiss her lips? Oh my God! Unbelievable. https://dotnetfiddle.net/hh9vJd

8. The kiss of Mark and Juliet in Love Actually is not really necessary.

The writer will never understand this kiss. Juliet is a happy newlywed and Mark’s best friend is her husband! Just because he finally has the courage to show his feelings doesn’t mean she should run out into the street and place a kiss on him! The writer can understand a pat on the cheek, but kiss someone else when you are someone’s wife, happy and that person is still a close friend of your husband? Nuh-uh, girl. That’s too far.

9. Kathryn and Cecile’s kiss in Cruel Intentions is a cultural reset.

Honestly from the writer’s point of view: This is one of the hottest kisses I’ve ever seen. I know Kathryn is basically “the real Regina George”, but this act of kissing is well worth including on the list. With the Selma Blair + Sarah Michelle Gellar + TONGUE formula, It’s hugely iconic.

10. Bella and Jacob’s kiss in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse hurt everyone involved.

Bella only asks Jacob to kiss her because she is afraid he will join the battle and die. She is playing with the werewolf’s emotions to convince him to stay. That was never a good thing! Bella said she decided to marry Edward, so why did she kiss Jacob? It’s not just a lie. This act of hers is binding him in the most undesirable way. And then Jacob still leaves to join the fight! It’s a mess, a mess.

11. Sam and Austin’s kiss in A Cinderella Story is a dream come true.

The whole scene, Austin abandoned his cool look during the football fight and rushed into the stands to kiss Sam. Before that, there was a scene where Sam told Austin that she waited for him like waiting for rain during a drought! And as soon as their lips meet, Bamm! The clouds in the sky opened and rain fell on them! An iconic movie scene! Plus, the song Hear You Me / May Angels Leave You In plays as the perfect background song and whoever chose this song in that romantic setting deserves an award. https://www.click4r.com/posts/g/4922614/lineage-himself-is-a-boss-villain-named-gordon-quot-gordo-quot-nobili-quot-jhghfdjjgdfn

12. William and Penny’s kiss in Almost Famous is not really good.

William rushed into the room and found Penny shivering. After calling the doctor, he picked her up, rocked her awkwardly, and said from the bottom of his heart, “I love you, and I’m about to boldly go where many men have gone before.” Then he placed a kiss on her lips! When he let go, she couldn’t hold herself and fell to the floor. There is a truth men need to keep in mind that it is never allowed to kiss a girl when she is not alert enough and in the right mind. So this kiss is pretty bad, William!

13. Chiron and Kevin’s kiss in Moonlight was a great moment.
Some of the kisses on this list make me feel great because of the drama and romance. And this kiss proves to be a great kiss even if it doesn’t come with intensity. Sometimes, a gentle, tormenting moment can have a powerful impact on the viewer. The slow and slow tenderness of Chiron and Kevin’s kiss is part of what makes it so real and so special.

14. Josie and Sam’s problematic kiss in Never Been Kissed .
Perhaps with the pent-up pent-up for too long, Sam rushed into the baseball field at the last minute, at which point a jazz song was playing. But come on, it’s not as romantic as you think! He’s just spending all this time falling in love with his high school student, regardless of the age difference and the fact that he’s the heroine’s teacher. They even danced at the prom together before he knew the truth! Sorry, but the writer is not a fan of a student-teacher relationship.

15. Lara Jean and Peter’s hot tub kiss in To All the Boys is a teenage dream.
I like the way Lara Jean and Peter talk and talk about their problems first. Communication is the key to open the human heart! They really understood and sympathized with each other. This paved the way for their sweet first kiss. They complimented each other, looked into each other’s eyes, the music played and their lips touched… What more could you ask for in a teen movie?

16. But the kiss of Hedwig and Casey in Split made the writer gasp.
James McAvoy’s character has 24 personalities and is quite a different person, among them is Hedwig who is only 9 years old. He asks if he can kiss Casey, a psychologically much older teenager who has been kidnapped by Dennis’ personality. James and Anya Taylor-Joy gave a great performance in Split , but the whole scene this kiss takes place looks both creepy and weirdly sad.

17. Noni and Kaz’s kiss in Beyond the Lights is a love letter to every girl.
Kaz is amazing for helping Noni with her self esteem and image issues. When she decided to cut her hair extensions, he approached her, hugged her passionately and then planted a sweet, gentle kiss on her natural hair. The writer absolutely loves this scene because Noni finally accepts herself, and her man supports her wholeheartedly (the way he does).

18. Claire and Owen’s kiss in Jurassic World is quite selfish.
What bothers the writer about this kiss is the timing of it, is it really appropriate? Claire and Owen work at the park and are partly responsible for this ongoing mess. They must be responsible for capturing a large group of dinosaurs running around and killing people. Is this really the time for a passionate kiss? The writer thinks not. Even Owen, a dinosaur expert, almost got eaten! So in the meantime, what should be done is to save everyone first and then worry about love later!

19. The first kiss between Elio and Oliver in Call Me by Your Name marks a first love full of levels from passion to pain
No matter what letter of LGBTQ+ you are or straight as a horse, first love is always the best. It was the first time we felt the taste of love despite knowing the pain that awaits at the end of the road. No real first love can last forever. If there were people who wouldn’t have said that first love is painful – or something like that. But that doesn’t mean the kiss that comes from it isn’t passionate enough. In the golden sunshine of the Italian countryside, the shyness quickly turns bold despite the awkwardness of Elio and Oliver’s first kiss in the frame, plus the melody that goes up and down every second from start to finish Their lips touched enough to make the whole theater heat up!

20. And finally, the kiss of Rose and Jack in Titanic became one of the most iconic kisses in cinematic history.
The writer really enjoyed the emotional buildup that led to this kiss! Our heroine decides that she won’t let anyone dictate and control her life anymore. So she stood carefully in the wind, jumped on the bow of the ship with Jack, and gave the man who had captured her heart a big kiss on the lips. Combined with the music of My Heart Will Go On , it was a powerful, passionate moment that became one of the most iconic kisses of all time.

By Yas Il