Jujutsu Kaisen introduces anime and manga fans to the world of great wizards who have to face various cursed spirits. A number of these great magicians came from a number of family clans who descended from honorable wizards. The three most influential of them were the Gojo, Zenin and Kamo clans.

The three great wizarding family clans are descendants of the Three Great Japanese Vengeful Spirits aka Nippon San Dai Onryo. Each of these families were powerful mages in the Heian Era, the pinnacle of jujutsu magic. Due to this factor and the powerful curse techniques passed down through the clans, the Three Great Wizarding Families had strong political influence in jujutsu society.

So powerful, these families compete for dominant influence in the jujutsu community. The head of the Zenin Family and Gojo had clashed and killed each other in the past. This sparked a feud between the family.

The Zenin and Kamo clans both highly value blood ties in their families. The Zenin clan is even willing to pay Toji Fushiguro, the kicked out member of the Zenin family, to have him give up his child, Megumi, because she inherited the family’s curse technique. Meanwhile, the Kamo family refuses to take care of Noritoshi Kamo, who is the illegitimate child in the family. They wanted to take care of him only because he had a family-inherited curse technique.

Apart from those three families, there were also other wizarding families. One of them is the Inumaki family. They also have inherited techniques. Even though they weren’t respected to the same degree as the top three clans, they were still recognized for their influence in the wizarding world. What is the magic family like in this Jujutsu Kaisen like? Check out the following review!

1. Gojo Clan

The Gojo clan is descended from Michizane Sugawara, a legendary jujutsu mage from the Heian Era. After meeting his death, he became one of Japan’s Three Great Vengeful Spirits. Not much is known of this family. Currently, the Gojo Clan is only represented by one person, namely Satoru Gojo, the strongest magician in the world.

The main inherited techniques in this family are Mukagen (Unlimited) and Rikugan (Six Eyes), the most powerful jujutsu. Thanks to Satoru’s prowess, until recently, the Gojo Family remained at the top of the jujutsu hierarchy and maintained the balance of power. This allows Satoru to act arbitrarily and drop his political power to save people like Yuji Itadori and Yuta Okkotsu from the whims of conservative magicians from other families.

2. Zenin Clan

The Zenin clan embodies all the noble values of the major clans. They believed that powerful curse techniques were more important than anything else. They didn’t even hesitate to reject family members who didn’t have the curse technique. One of those kicked out of the family was Megumi’s father, Toji, who changed his last name to Fushiguro after marrying Megumi’s mother.

The clan’s troubled ideology was cemented by Naobito Zenin, the head of the family until the end of 2018. Throughout his journey as clan head, Naobito maintained a bad relationship with the Gojo clan. Openly, he also ostracized Maki and Mai who were not strong enough as witches.

This condition lasted until Naobito died. After the death of Naobito, there was a big change in the clan’s body. Due to the situation surrounding the sealing of Satoru Gojo, Megumi was appointed as the new clan head instead of Naobito’s son Naoya. Currently, the family is experiencing a struggle for political influence between traditional family members who still want to maintain clan traditions and Megumi—Maki who wants a progressive future that can accept people like Mai.

3. Kamo Clan

The Kamo Clan highly values blood relations and the inheritance of curse techniques is a top priority. Noritoshi Kamo was born to a concubine who was mistreated and never accepted by other family members. However, Noritoshi was born inheriting the family’s curse technique, namely Blood Manipulation.

The technique was an ability praised for balance and fit well with people who valued blood. The legal wife of the head of the family could not give birth to a son who inherited the technique, so Noritoshi was chosen to be the heir. In order to protect his mother, Noritoshi feels pressured to act like his clan.

The Kamo Clan is responsible for the biggest illness in the Three Great Witch Clans. Recognized as the most evil wizard in history, Noritoshi Kamo from the past conducted experiments on humans and cursed spirits which later resulted in the Cursed Womb: The Painting of Death. His blood was added to the mixed DNA of the Death Painting’s original parents. When numbers 1-3 materialize, they have an innate technique that revolves around the use of their own blood. In particular, Choso inherited Blood Manipulation and excels in using it over the current Noritoshi.

4 Series. Others: The Inumaki Clan

The Inumaki clan is one of a minor family of mages. Although not considered a major clan, the Inumaki family’s inherited technique, cursed speech, is highly respected. This technique can be seen from the Inumaki Clan’s sigil, which is the “Snake Eyes and Fangs” symbol that is printed around the mouth of the user of cursed speech.

As a 1st year student at Tokyo Jujutsu High School, Toge Inumaki was a 2nd year mage—before Yuta Okkotsu joined. He was allowed to undertake solo missions and his inherited technique was considered strong enough to withstand obstacles. As a 2nd grader, Toge is highly respected by his friends. Even students from Kyoto Jujutsu High School were afraid of him.

By Ichong