If the company owns the rights to the work and the work has a high level of popularity, take advantage of it in every way to benefit the company. This is what the owner of the copyright for the Angry Birds game must have thought, namely the Finnish-based company, Rovio Entertainment. When Rovio Entertainment announced it would produce The Angry Birds Movie, many questioned whether it was possible or just the company’s attempt to make a profit. Despite the controversy, Rovio continues to produce The Angry Birds Movie, which was released in May 2016.

The plot of this film is still guided by the core story in the game version of Angry Birds, which tells of a group of green pigs stealing the eggs of the birds. The main characters in this film are the same as the game version, with Red the grumpy red bird (voiced by Jason Sudeikis), the fast yellow bird named Chuck (Josh Gad), and the big black bird named Bomb (Danny McBride). This trio of birds along with other birds try to bring back their eggs that were snatched by a group of pigs. This is a real pig, not an expression. OK sip.

Unlike previous animated films, Zootopia, which can be enjoyed by adults but may be a bit too heavy for children, The Angry Birds Movie is very much aimed at children with a simple story peppered with cartoon-style jokes that I grew up with. enjoy. This stupid storytelling style will not be liked by an adult audience who is too serious. In enjoying this film, there are parts that I think are too much and the fall is a total failure.

As the story enters the first part at the beginning of this film, I still really enjoy and are curious about the next storyline. But unfortunately in the middle of the film, when a group of pigs begin to appear, the story becomes increasingly erratic and the humorous attempts become stale, especially the last part of the second act before entering the third act of the film. I don’t know if a child can enjoy it, but I can’t enjoy this part. Fortunately, in the third act of this film, the director, Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly, managed to pay for the mistake by showing the ending that took the style of the Angry Bird game impressively.

As I said, this film is aimed at children, so don’t expect a film with a touching theme like Inside Out or as complex as Zootopia, so it’s not recommended for those who like to watch movies too seriously. But for those who can still like movies with a simple touch, this film is worth watching. Moreover, the ending which uses a touch of the game style is very, very pleasant to see. And for those of you who really like watching movies, you will find some famous scenes from several films that are replicated in this film, as well as some real-world works – such as what was done by the film Zootopia – which were made into bird versions. Besides that, the selection of songs in this film – which will only be enjoyed by adult audiences – is also very enjoyable, feels right.

By Kania