The animated film Ice Age is famous for the adventure stories

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The animated film Ice Age is famous for the adventure stories of pre-historic animals that are thick with a family feel. In their newest series, The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild , they still carry the same theme but from a different point of view.
Previously, Manny (voiced by Ray Romano), a Mammoth became the main character. So this time, we tell the point of view of two cute and innocent possums, Crash (Vincent Tong) and his brother Eddie (Aaron Harris).

Both of them often act nosy and sometimes almost lose their lives in some extreme experiments to make some of the other members annoyed. Until one day Crash began to think that their sister, who is a mammoth, Ellie ( Queen Latifah ), was too controlling both of them like a mother.

Crash and Eddie begin to think about leaving him and pursuing their own destiny out there. Without a well-thought-out plan and definite purpose, the two of them stepped away from the family herd until they finally found The Lost Worlds, an oasis where animals gather.

The adventures of the two possums began. But unfortunately they have received a threat from a spider there and are saved by their old hero, Buck (Simon Pegg).

Now they have a new goal, which is to live there with Buck, whom they have always idolized. Even though it turns out that Buck prefers to send the two of them back to their families because he knows Ellie must be worried about the departure of the two brothers.

Buck’s intentions are hindered by the evil plans of his old enemy, Orson (Utkarsh Ambudkar), a dinosaur who tries to destroy the harmony that exists there and become ruler over all animals. With the help of his raptors, Orson always manages to stay one step ahead of Buck and catch him.

With a duration of almost an hour and a half (81 minutes to be exact) the spin off from Ice Age presents a fairly interesting story. Crash and Eddie’s action successfully brought a comedy that is quite fresh with dialogue that can be enjoyed by all ages.

How they deal with their identity crisis and the way they solve it is so far from what they imagine it to be a comedy. Even the conversation about Crash starting to think of something became a pretty entertaining dialogue.

“You know I’m starting to think,” Crash said.

“Huh, since when did you do that?” Eddie asked.

“Last week,” he replied.

“And you didn’t tell me? Why are you being like this Crash. We should still be brothers,” Eddie said frantically.

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild Photo: doc. Disney+ Hotstar