The Batman (2022) Movie 5 Unique Facts about Making Script Casting to Movies

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The Batman (2022) movie, directed by Matt Reeves and starring actor Robert Pattinson, The Batman full movie online will be released in early March 2022. This movie tells the story of Bruce Wayne who investigates a serial murder case in Gotham City and its connection to what happened to his family.

Bruce Wayne, the Batman, must deal with the killer, the Riddler, and the mafia who commit crimes in Gotham City.

Behind the heroic scenes of the superhero Batman and the interesting story, there are a number of unique facts during the making of The Batman.

5 Unique Facts About The Making of The Batman Movie

Here are 5 unique facts about the making of The Batman movie, compiled by from IMDb , Sunday (27/2/2022).

1. Director Matt Reeves Chose Robert Pattinson From the Beginning
The Batman director Matt Reeves envisioned Robert Pattinson as Batman when writing the script for the movie.

The director was impressed by Robert’s acting in several movies that he played. Robert Pattinson became his first choice to star as Bruce Wayne.

Even he was worried if Robert did not want to participate in the casting. “I thought if Rob (Robert Pattinson) didn’t play Batman, things would be messed up,” Reeves said.

After Matt finished the Batman script , he met with Robert to discuss his role as Batman.

2. Robert Pattinson Selfie in the Bathroom While Casting
Actor Robert Pattinson apparently secretly took a selfie in his Batman costume during the casting of the movie.

This he does “in case he doesn’t pass the casting.” Interestingly, the previous Batman actor, Christian Bale, had advised Robert to go to the bathroom while wearing a Batman costume.

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3. The Riddler Figure Is in the Real World
Riddle’s character, played by Paul Dano, was inspired by a true story. Matt Reeves, the director, explained that the Riddler character is based on the 1960s serial killer “Zodiac Killer”.

4. Movies stopped due to Covid-19
The shooting of The Batman has been delayed several times due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Starting in January 2020 in London, England, the shooting process was then postponed until March.

Movies then continued in August 2020. However, only three days had passed, Matt Reeves again postponed it until September after lead actor Robert Pattinson tested positive for Covid-19.

After Robert’s recovery, Movies continued on September 17, 2020 and was completed in March 2021.

5. The longest duration compared to other Batman movies
The Batman 2022 movie has the longest duration compared to the previous The Batman movies.

In fact, at 175 minutes, this movie has the second longest run of any comic book movie after Avengers: End Game .

Those are 5 unique facts about the making of The Batman movie. For those of you who are Batman lovers, you can watch the heroic action of the superhero in theaters on March 4, 2022. (am)