The Batman is different from the previous version of the movie, Robert Pattinson gives a little leak

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Screening of The Batman in various cinemas in the world is only a matter of days.

The main character of The Batman , Robert Pattinson has given a little description of the DC character he is playing.

The Batman itself is scheduled to premiere in Indonesia in March 2022.

Tickets for The Batman can be ordered in advance on various provider applications.

Some interesting things expressed by the actor.

According to him, this movie will shake the world after seeing a little trailer as published by Flores Latest with the title ” The Batman Coming Soon in March 2022, Robert Pattinson Calls This movie Really A Detective Story “.

Robert also emphasized that the movie The Batman 2022 this time is really a detective story.

The fans of course already know who the main character is. Robert Pattinson is no stranger to psychologically complex roles.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at his previous movies such as Good Time and The Lighthouse. His passion for the character he plays is truly extraordinary.

As is often presented in the previous sequels, Gotham City in The Batman movie is a city full of crime and despair.

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Synopsis The Batman movie itself parses the story of the eradication of crime by Bruce Wayne ( Robert Pattinson ) in this city.

Bruce Wayne will become a superhero after being involved in revealing a corruption case in Gotham City.

Batman enemy this time is a character named Riddler who has a cruel, murderous character and often overwhelms Bruce Wayne.

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The conflict between the two begins with the behavior of the Riddler who kills almost all important figures in Gotham City.

This action is not without purpose. The serial killer he did was just bait to lure Batman out of hiding.

Batman himself is busy investigating corrupt practices in Gotham City. Batman is also investigating his family involvement in this dirty practice.

Following what Robert Pattinson said, detective movie fans should enjoy this movie The Batman .