The Batman Movie Review Starring Robert Pattinson: Best DC Comic movie Nominee?

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The Batman (2022) will soon be showing in cinemas on March 2, 2022 – The Batman Full movie Review Some cinemas have started pre-ordering tickets for The Batman some time ago.

Of course, the enthusiasm of fans of The Batman movie is very high considering that the movie has a very different feel than before.

However, several early reviews of The Batman from several foreign movie critics have appeared with various comments.

The existence of an early review of the movie certainly has the potential to release a few spoilers in it.

According to Ross who wrote in his article, director Matt Reeves showed darkness and terror in Gotham City before he cast the character of The Batman .

First, Reeves presents murder, theft, vandalism, and assault running rampant throughout the city.

In addition, the fighting action in the movie directed by Matt Reeves is carried out without the slightest sense of mercy.

The Batman doesn’t really introduce new ideas that we haven’t seen before in a Batman movie.

The movie focuses on components that have often been the backdrop for previous Batman movies.

Batman is largely focused on the idea of ​​Bruce Wayne as “the world’s greatest detective”, combining the hero with Jeffrey Wright’s James Gordon to solve a series of riddles and assassinations from The Riddler that terrorized Gotham City.

Pattinson plays the character as part emo kid (this is introduced with Bruce blowing up Nirvana in his Batcave located under a bridge, while black eye makeup adorns his face), but also as a man who has been hurt by the city and wants to find out what happens. happened to him never happened to anyone again.

As Batman, Pattinson focuses on the fear within the character, with a fiery rage ready to be unleashed at any moment.

Some of the character roles in this movie are very total. However, Zoe Kravitz, who plays Catwoman, really stole the show.

In conclusion, Reeves has made the best Batman movie since The Dark Knight, with a captivating and rich world that brings to life the characters we’ve seen on screen time and time again.

With The Batman , Reeves prioritized the shadow of Gotham, setting the city in a way that audiences had never seen before on screen.

This movie brings life to the world around Batman. Instead of heroes and villains living in black and white, Reeves has presented a city defined by grey.