The Batman Trending, DC Fans Expect A Sequel – The latest movie from DC Comics and Warner Bros, The Batman , has successfully received praise from fans.

Note the movie, starring Robert Pattinson is getting sweeter with the coffers of dollars generated at the world box office.

The movie, made by director Matt Reeves, managed to restore the trust of fans that had been lost during Ben Affleck Batman era. After becoming trending in cyberspace, fans are now expecting a sequel to The Batman .

DC and WB have not yet provided an answer to fans insistence on a sequel to The Batman.

However, director Matt Reeves did not rule out the possibility of being asked to continue the story of The Bat-Man.

So you see, I never treated this movie as the first part when I was working on it. Because the first part means that there will be more parts, said Reeves as reported by Comic book, Sunday (6/3/2022).

With such a pattern of workmanship, Matt Reeves tries to bring out all his abilities for The Batman 2022.

If the first Batman Movie is successful and popular, of course the opportunity for a sequel can be continued.

Let’s see what happens, let’s see if the audience likes it.

I hope they can relate to the movie and if they like it then of course there will be more stories! cried Reeves.

So far, DC Comics itself has prepared a number of new movies, such as Black Adams, The Flash, and Aquaman 2.

By Jaya