Recently, Netflix’s K-Drama Popularity Was Taken Over By ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ After Airing On January 28th. Including The Chemistry Of The Main Characters Who Successfully Made Viewers Blush.

The chemistry between Yoon Chan Young and Park Ji Hu in the drama ” All of Us Are Dead ” until it finished successfully brought fans to the feeling of being in real life. Even their interactions often steal attention.

Many don’t know yet, the Netflix series “All Of Us Are Dead” is adapted from a webtoon created in 2009. Although most of the scenes deviate far from the original, certain scenes and lines are preserved.

Out of the many scenes that aired through 12 episodes, the female lead Park Ji Hu chose this scene as one of the best out of her co-star, Yoon Chan Young when attending an exclusive interview with Netflix. In the original webtoon, Cheong San’s character (Yoon Chan Young) screams, “Today I am the happiest person in this whole school!” beside his nose was bleeding.

He will turn into a zombie and sacrifice himself as bait for other zombies after confirming that he likes On Jo (Park Ji Hu) who also likes him back. It was this scene that Park Ji Hu thought was the best based on his judgment.

Park Ji Hoo explained that many people might find this scene very strange. From romantic kisses to emotional delivery and dialogue, some may find it overwhelming. However, Park Ji Hu firmly believed that the scene was perfectly executed by Yoon Chan Young. The co-star actor was judged to convey it with the right amount of emotion, expression and tone. Park Ji Hu confessed that at that time he felt she was a real actress.

Besides, both Park Ji Hu and Yoon Chan Young both started their careers as child actors. However, Yoon Chan Young’s resume is much longer than Park Ji Hu’s. It is known that Yoon Chan Young made her debut in 2013 while this actress made her acting debut in 2018.

Meanwhile, it is undeniable that the characters of the two main characters will not only make viewers tense with the story behind saving themselves. Viewers can also enjoy how the chemistry of the main character looks sweet in the midst of zombie pursuits.

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