Contrary to Marvel, Amazon has made its mark in the superhero movie market with the series  The Boys . In that world, the heroes weren’t as lofty as the public saw them. They possess extraordinary strength and also create a lot of pain from it, such as the main character Hughie (Jack Quaid) who lost his girlfriend because the A-Train bumped into her at terrifying speed or Homelander (Anthony). Starr) raped Rebecca – the wife of Billy Butcher (Karl Urban).


Although Billy Butcher is one of the characters who cultivates the will to take down “superhero” names, that doesn’t mean he’s completely clean. Billy Butcher is known to speak his mind without regard for other people’s feelings and that highlights just how dark he is. Here are 10 lines that prove this character will eventually become a villain.

10. “Supe is all the same. Each one of them is”

Superheroes are taken seriously in the world of The Boys but many of them are far worse. However, Billy Butcher is clearly blinded by his hatred for this group of people when it comes to future superheroes.

9. “Well, now we have to kill him” 

Billy Butcher knows that if he stops bad guys like Homelander, it will save many lives, but to achieve that, Billy also has to let human blood get in the way. When he relies on the superhero Mesmer to read Kimiko’s memories, Billy Butcher insists that he must kill this person to kill his mouth.

8. “Do it your way”

Not only that, Billy Butcher is also ready to kill people without hesitation. He was so stuck with his own mission that he took many lives. It happens to bystanders who happen to annoy Billy in the slightest way. When Hughie was injured, Butcher stopped a car and pretended to be an FBI agent to get the car. However, those half-hearted efforts were not convincing, leading to Billy Butcher willingly killing the owner of the car as if nothing happened. Do it your way (You do you) here is Billy’s way and Billy will eliminate those who stand in his way, guilty or innocent.

7. “Well, who are you going to follow?”

In the first episode, Billy Butcher recruits Hughie to his team to take down Vought. It’s a quest that gives Hughie a new purpose after the death of his ex-girlfriend, and kickstarts Hughie and Butcher’s strained relationship.

Although Hughie wants villains to be punished by law, he is not as extreme as Billy Butcher. In the end, Hughie mustered up the courage to confront Butcher and tension ensued between the two. It looks like this friction will continue to drag on, leading to a heartbreaking ending like in The Boys comics.

6. “You should go out there with the saw, go after those bastards!”

Butcher and Hughie are similar in some ways, both on their way to taking down Vought because they lost a loved one to the superhero. But Butcher’s rage is actually controlling him.

When Butcher and Hughie attend a therapy session for people who have been traumatized by their encounter with Superman, Butcher insults the group for complaining about it instead of taking action. That’s when he eloquently gave a speech that the whole group should go after the superheroes, instead of talking about their feelings. He really lost his temper for a moment, causing everyone to panic.

5. “Never swim among sharks without safety measures”

Through his relationship with Hughie, Starlight joins Butcher and The Boys in their fight against Vought. But with her being a superhero, Billy Butcher openly shows his disdain and distrust of Starlight all the time.

When Starlight escapes from Vought, Billy Butcher invites her to join him on one of their missions. While the others marvel at the apparent acceptance, Billy Butcher coolly explains that if trouble comes, Vought will be interested in saving Starlight and the group can use her as a sacrifice, or rather is a safety measure for the whole group. Starlight’s life or death doesn’t matter.

4. “Ryan is Vought’s assets worth billions of dollars”

The big turning point at the end of the first season of The Boys  was that Billy Butcher’s wife Becca was still alive and had given birth to Homelander’s son. Despite Becca showing how much she loves her son, Billy Butcher is willing to leave him behind. He even admits to Becca that he only sees her son as part of Vought’s property and would be better off without Ryan.

3. “If you interrupt again, I will kill you”

Butcher is a strong leader of the Boys and clearly cares about his team members even when they disagree. After making a deal to bring Becca back, Butcher’s plan was foiled when Hughie protested the cruel approach. When alone, Butcher punches Hughie in the face and threatens to kill him if he gets in his way again.

2. “Well, those are tears of shame” 

Another shocking revelation that comes out in the film is that the superhero does not naturally possess powers, but instead, Vought tests on infants a drug called Compound V.

As Butcher and Mother Milk investigate a laboratory in which young children are injected with Compound V, Mother Milk warns Butcher to be careful or they may kill them. Billy Butcher shocks himself by declaring that he will not consider it a real loss, showing that even innocent children are enemies in his distorted worldview.

1. “Your whole damn family is going to die today”

Throughout The Boys , Homelander has done some unspeakable evil but the lead of The Boys is also obsessed with his mission, to the point where he has the ability to become a monster.

Billy Bucher visits Dr. Voglebaum to ask him to testify against Vought and reveal the secrets of this evil company. When the doctor refused out of concern for his family, Billy Butcher threatened to kill every member of the Voglebaum family, including his nephew, to convince the doctor. It was a moment when the similarities between Butcher and Homelander were hard to see.

0. “The greater the strength…the higher the l*n”

This is perhaps the most iconic line of The Boys series to date and couldn’t be more apt to capture the spirit of the film – what if unparalleled power existed and corrupted all else? Then we will have “bad superheroes” and “heroes” are just as bad.

Here, Billy knows how toxic, tempting, and corrupt the power can be, but he still defies the consequences and injects V24 as a way of showing his frustration at being confused by those who are physically stronger. overwhelming material. This further shows that Billy is willing to become the very monsters he wants to eliminate just to achieve his goal. Thus, Billy will quickly become an even more terrifying 2nd Homelander.