The demon slayers in Kimetsu no Yaiba are armed with a Nichirin blade or two. This sword is made of a special material and specially forged so that it can absorb sunlight constantly. Therefore, this sword is very effective for killing demons who have a weakness against sunlight. Nichirin’s sword was made from a special material in the form of crimson iron sand and a crimson core taken from the mountains. This material is able to absorb sunlight. However, this material is not only taken from the mountains anywhere. This material is selected from the mountains high through the clouds. This means that they continue to be exposed to sunlight without being disturbed by rain or exposed to sunlight.

Another distinct characteristic of Nichirin’s sword is that it changes color once it is wielded by its first owner. Each color represents a different element or inspiration as well as the personality and type of power of the owner. So what are the colors and strengths of each of these swords? Check out the following review!

13. Purple Nichirin Sword

The purple bar represents the moon. This sword does not belong to a demon slayer in Kimetsu no Yaiba . Kokushibo, a Demon Rank Top 1, is the owner of this sword. Kokushibo, who used to be Yoriichi Tsugikuni’s twin, possesses the Moon Breathing technique, which is an improved version of Sun Breathing. Moon Breathing is obtained by enhancing Sun Breathing using a number of obscure techniques. The Purple Nichirin Sword is also the opposite of the Black Nichirin Sword, which Tanjiro Kamado is currently holding.

12. Nichirin Light Pink Sword

Derived from Water Breathing, the Nichirin Light Pink Sword represents flowers. This sword is used by Kanao Tsuyuri and Kanae Koucho. Both of them developed their own Breathing technique.

11. Nichirin Lavender Sword

This sword represents a snake. This was the reason why Obanai Iguro’s sword resembled a snake’s body. Snake Breathing is derived from Water Breathing. This technique is similar to the movement of the animal.

10. White Nichirin Sword

White represents the color of the mist in Kimetsu no Yaiba, which was embodied by Muichiro Tokito. Mist Breathing is usually associated with a calm and aloof personality. Muichiro never let emotions get in the way of his judgment. The color of this sword has a technique that comes from breathing wind.

9. Nichirin Pink Sword

This sword symbolizes love and belongs to the Love Breathing style. This sword is used by Mitsuri Kanroji, Hashira Cinta. Mitsuri developed this style herself and only she can wear it thanks to her body’s unique constitution. This sword was created because it was inspired by Fire Breathing after he was trained by Kyojuro Rengoku. This sword is very thin and looks like a whip. Only Mitsuri could properly wear it. He was flexible and agile, but still had the inhuman strength of having muscles that were 8 times denser than normal people without losing speed.

8. Green Nichirin Sword

The breath that inspires many other techniques is represented by the green sword. Wind is the element of the Green Nichirin Sword. This sword belongs to Sanemi Shinazugawa, Hashira Wind. His convoluted personality becomes dangerous when Tanjiro is sent to a special place at the end of season 1.

7. The Blue Nichirin Sword

The Blue Nichirin Sword is the first sword to appear in Kimetsu no Yaiba . This sword belongs to Hashira Air, Giyu Tomioka. He wields a blue sword which he wields in the Water Breathing style, which makes him one of the great Hashira. Giyu’s fighting style is also very water-like. He moved in fluid motions, barely effortlessly, to immobilize the demons. He killed the Spider-Father Demon and Rui, a 5th rank lower demon.

6. The Yellow Nichirin Sword

This sword belongs to Zenitsu Agatsuma which symbolizes lightning. Zenitsu probably has very low self-confidence and is like a coward. But, when pressed, he allowed his true power to emerge at lightning speed. This power appeared suddenly and was as explosive as lightning. While most Nichirin Swords appear with solid colors appearing along the blade, the color on Zenitsu’s swords is unique. The colors on the sword formed a lightning pattern. It is unknown why the sword is patterned like that.

5. Nichirin Amber Sword

Tengen Uzui’s sword represents Sound. The Sound Breathing Technique uses noise to confuse enemies. People who use it develop an extreme sense of hearing. Tengen also paired this sword with another weapon, namely a set of kusarigama, a hand weapon similar to a cleaver. This sword consists of two blades. The tengens link each other with chains. This sword is also very large.

4. Nichirin Red Sword

Red sometimes means intensity. The red sword represents fire. Kyojuro Rengoku’s eccentric and expansive personality translates it. Breathing Fire produces a number of outstanding visuals, including the dance of the God of Fire, which is one of the most famous scenes in anime. Like Zenitsu’s sword, Kyojuro’s blade colors also form a unique pattern. The red color of the blade is manifested by the flame motif running along the blade which looks spectacular in tandem with his Fire Breathing style.

3. Nichirin Gray-Nila Sword

This Indigo Gray Nichirin Sword is perfect for slaughtering demons. The color represents the animal. No one other than the boar-masked demon slayer could properly wield it. Inosuke Hashibira not only drew one, but two swords at once with the same color. This sword has the potential to not only kill demons but also wreak havoc. The sword is made with serrated edges that resemble the teeth of a predator. This sword is equipped with the Animal Breathing technique developed by Inosuke who lives in the mountains alone. This unique breathing style that comes from Wind Breathing gives Inosuke more sense of touch.

2. Nichirin Gray Sword

In Kimetsu no Yaiba , Nichirin doesn’t always appear in sword form. In the case of Gyomei Himejima, Hashira Batu, his Nichirin is in the form of an ax connected by a chain to a spiked whip. The ax was made from the same core and materials as Nichirin’s other swords. This ax was forged with a higher technique than other swords. This stone symbol well reflects Gyomei’s personality, which is strong and sturdy. Gyomei is a gentle giant who remains intimidating. He spoke softly and emotionally. Currently, he is the strongest demon slayer.

1. Black Nichirin Sword

The Black Nichirin Sword is the most mysterious sword in Kimetsu no Yaiba. This sword belongs to, none other than, Tanjiro Kamado. According to Collider , these black blades represent the sun and are beset by preconceived notions and misconceptions. Black is also often seen as an absorbent of all colors, which means, Tanjiro will navigate to sword colors and Breathing techniques. This black blade is considered rare. This sword wielder tends to be short-lived, let alone being Hashira.

There are many fan theories about the meaning of this black blade. One theory indicates that Tanjiro’s sword turned black as a coal analogy, which is related to Tanjiro’s previous work as a coal trader. Another, indicating— spoilerfrom the manga—the user of the black blade is a user of the Sun Breathing style. Black is known to be a combination of all colors, like the five major breathing styles which are derived from the Sun Breathing style.

By Ichong