The film Spiderman No Way Home was finally released in theaters and received a very lively reception from the Indonesian audience. This film is a continuation of the Spiderman Far From Home film which shows that Peter Parker’s identity as Spiderman is already known to the wider community. This made Peter Parker frustrated because some people think that Spiderman is a Mysterio killer. Peter sees that things are getting worse and thinks to ask Dr Strange for help.

After Peter and Dr Strange meet, they want to use a spell to make the whole world forget that Peter Parker is Spiderman. Unfortunately, in the process of making the spell, Peter spoke repeatedly, making the spell a mess and opening up new problems.

This film still stars Tom Holland (Peter Parker/Spiderman), Zendaya (Michelle Jones), Jacob Batalon (Ned), Marisa Tomei (Aunt May), and many more.

Spiderman Continuation in MCU

Good news for Tom Holland fans that Spiderman No Way Home is not the Last film. Reporting from various news portals, Amy Pascal as Producer of Spiderman No Way Home said that this film would not be Tom Holland’s last Spiderman film. There is even news that there are still 3 Spiderman Tom Holland films that will come out in the MCU. Of course this makes many people happy because the story of Spiderman still doesn’t end here. We will wait to see where the next Spiderman character will be.


The advantage of the Spiderman No Way Home film and most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films is that it has a storyline that is very easy and easy to follow. When watching, we will be able to easily understand the essence of the story conveyed in the film. The next advantage is that this film can give us interest even before the film is finally released.

This can happen because of several theories from fans that allow it to happen in this film. This is also related to the return of various villains that have existed in Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s two spiderman universes . Even William Dafoe’s acting as the Green Goblin is extraordinary.

William in this film can still give a scary and very evil impression in his actions, gestures, to his facial expressions. We will also be shown that the character of Spiderman will develop in this film with the events that have just happened to him. Overall the Spiderman No Way Home movie is very fun to watch, especially for Marvel fans.


Unfortunately, the Spiderman No Way Home film has shortcomings which, if successfully overcome, might make this film very extraordinary. The first drawback is that many scenes that are supposed to show sadness are not executed properly. It makes the sad scenes that are important should be able to make more impression on the minds of the audience.

The second drawback is that there are several large plot holes that are still left behind. If the plot hole is not answered by several MCU films in the future, then the Spiderman No Way Home film will have a very untidy story. But we know that the MCU will always try to fill those holes with its films, so we’ll just have to see what happens next.

The last weakness is actually this film is very dependent on the two Spiderman films belonging to Andrew and Tobey, if the elements of the two films are not present, I think this film will seem ordinary and not even this interesting.

In conclusion, the Spiderman No Way Home film succeeded in making the audience and Marvel fans satisfied with the entire story that was shown. Apart from that, this film can clearly be enjoyed even though there are still some scene executions that could still be better. Remember this is only an opinion, you can agree or disagree, please discuss in the comments column.


By Yas Il