The ‘Squid Game’ Fever Seems To Still Be Lingering And Continues To Attract Public Attention, One Of Which Is Son Ye Jin Who Also Shows Off The Trend From The Viral Netflix Drama.

The ” Squid Game ” fever is still a hot thing to do even though it was broadcast last September. Because this drama has continued to make achievements since its release, not a few artists apply the concept of the theme of this drama.

In recent times, Son Ye Jin has often shared her moments with her pet dog. The moment of being together with Son Ye Jin and his dog invited fans to feel anxious because of the cuteness of this beautiful actress’s pet.

Recently, Son Ye Jin re-uploaded on her Instagram on Tuesday (19/10), showing that she is also a celebrity affected by “Squid Game fever”. Ahead of the Halloween season, Son Ye Jin seemed to make a special costume for her dog which was designed exactly like the bodyguard in red and black in “Squid Game”.

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“I will start the 7th game. The 7th game will start soon,” the caption reads. In the photo, the dog belonging to Hyun Bin ‘s lover looks immersed in the costume. The appearance of his dog wearing a hat with a square shape became the center of attention because it was cute and adorable.

Seeing this upload, many fans commented on the adorable upload. “It’s really funny,” commented netizens. “Geez, sorry for the dog drowning in that shirt. But I can’t stop laughing,” wrote a netizen comment. “Omg this beautiful dog now looks a little scary wearing Squid Game clothes,” another netizen commented.

“So cute to see this little dog in a Squid Game costume. I want to hold him!” other netizen comments. “This is also worth trying with other animals, definitely no less cute!” netizen comments.

Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin will again appear in JTBC’s new drama ” Thirty, Nine ” which is scheduled to air in 2022. “Thirty, Nine” is a work containing the daily life of a group of thirty-nine-year-old friends. They met when they were in the second grade of high school and are now together in their forties.

Get Ready To Be Surprised To See Son Ye Jin’s Visual Comparison Now And 20 Years Ago

Son Ye Jin First Started Acting And Had Two Lead Roles When She Was Only 19 Years Old. Twenty Years Have Passed, The Visual Comparison Of The Actress Left Many People Shocked.

Son Ye Jin was only 19 years old when she first started acting and had two lead roles. Twenty years have passed, and the visuals took many by surprise because they haven’t changed at all.

Exactly 20 years ago, Son Ye Jin landed the first role in her acting career. Instead of struggling with small roles, the 1982-born actress had to star in her first drama, ” Delicious Proposal ” as the female lead.

That year, Son Ye Jin was only 19 years old. Son Ye Jin is a freshman at the Seoul Institute of the Arts and has never participated in any productions. Hyun Bin’s lover couldn’t believe that he immediately got the first role.

This time, exactly 20 years after the turning point of Son Ye Jin’s life. Netizens brought back various screenshots from his first drama in 2001 and were amazed by his youthful visuals.

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At the age of 19, Son Ye Jin showed off her sweet and charming beauty when playing the role of Lady Jang Hee Ae, the daughter of the owner of a large culinary business. It can be seen that being chosen to star in the first role is a sign that Son Ye Jin will become a Korean screen star in the future.

Son Ye Jin’s appearance 20 years ago seemed like yesterday. The visual of the drama star ” Crash Landing on You ” is now not much different from that day.

Right after his first drama, Son Ye Jin also starred in another drama entitled ” Sun Hee and Jin Hee “. This drama tells the story of two girls born on the same day, month and year, who have been good friends since childhood.

When an incident occurred in the year they were in 12th grade, their family backgrounds and statuses switched. The conflict between the two families further separated them. Son Ye Jin played Sun Hee from her childhood to adulthood.

Looking back at the photos of Son Ye Jin when she first entered the industry, viewers really fell in love with her innocent and sweet beauty. Even though 20 years had passed, her current beauty was not much different from before.

Twenty years on, Son Ye Jin still looks very beautiful, young and sweet. It’s only natural that many people are surprised to see how the visuals haven’t changed at all.

By Fuzy